Upright Biological Compound Microscopes

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Upright biological compound microscopes are used for observing thin, transparent, slide mounted specimens.

Typical specimens suitable for observation using this type of microscope are histology sections, thin sections of plant material, blood, cytological specimens, crystals, emulsions and transparent parts of organisms such as insects.

There are a number of different illumination techniques available with compound microscopes, including brightfield illumination, phase contrast, darkfield and fluorescence.

Teaching Microscope Monocular Compound Microscopes

Monocular microscopes have one eyepiece to view through. The popular choice as a starter microscope, for schools or for lower budgets.

Include: Teaching microscopes

Biological Microscope Binocular Compound Microscopes

Binocular microscope has two eyepieces so that both eyes can observe the sample at the same time. Provide a more natural and comfortable viewing experience

Include: Biological microscopes, Polarizing microscopes, Fluorescence microscopes, Teaching microscopes.

Microscope Trinocular Compound Microscopes

Trinocular microscopes have two eyepieces, plus a third port for attaching a camera. We can offer a selection of microscope cameras that offer a live view to a display, and image capture direct to a PC/Mac or onto an SD card.

Include: Biological microscopes, Inverted microscopes, Metallurgical microscopes, Fluorescence microscopes, Polarizing microscopes.

Digital Microscope Digital Compound Microscopes

Digital microscopes are equipped with image processing and analysis software that can enhance, measure and analyze captured images

Brightfield-microscopes Brightfield Compound Microscopes

Brightfield microscopes are suitable for observing transparent samples, such as cells, tissue sections, bacteria, etc. It is one of the most common microscopy techniques. It has the advantages of simplicity, ease of use, and low cost.

darkfield-microscope Darkfield Compound Microscopes

Darkfield microscope uses light scattered by the sample to form an image, providing a high-contrast image that makes the small structures and details in the sample more clearly visible. It is a microscope technique commonly used for observation of transparent samples.

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