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Automatic Titrator

    1. LCD display screen.
    2. Support KF Titration Mode and Titer Detection Mode.
    3. Features of auto-filling, auto-purging and auto-mixing of the reagents .
    4. Store up to 200 titration data sets (GLP-compliant).
    5. Data can be easily transferred to printer
    1. LCD display screen and smart guide system.
    2. Support titration modes: DET , MET , SET and MAT .
    3. pH calibration and measurement are supported.
    4. Store up to 50 titration data sets and 1 latest set of titration curve.
    5. Titrator can be controlled by computer
    • Measurement Method: Karl Fischer Coulomb Method
    • Water Content Range: 0.0001%—100% or 0.001ppm—106ppm
    • Resolution: 0.1μg water
    • Stirring Speed: Adjustable control
    • With Self-check Function
    1. LCD display screen.
    2. Titration methods, curves and results are displayed in detail.
    3. Volumetric KF Titration and Coulometric KF Titration are supported.
    4. Data analysis feature helps user review and compare results.
    5. Data can be easily transferred to printer via RS-232 .
    1. Volume Range: 0.01mL-99.99mL
    2. Volume Accuracy: R=0.2%  CV=0.07%
    3. Temperature Range: 10℃ -30℃
    4. External control, including the stirrer and the burette program
    5. Electronic control system makes the titration stable & accurate
    1. LCD display screen.
    2. Generator cell with diaphragm.
    3. Selectable units including μg,mg,%,mg/L,g/L, etc.
    4. Settable parameters
    5. Data can be stored and easily transferred to printer
    6. Reset feature automatically resumes all settings back to factory default options.
    1. LCD display screen
    2. Support titration modes: SET and MAT
    3. Stirrer is included
    4. Glass burette can be used for volume measurement
    1. 7” colorful touchscreen and smart guide system
    2. Intelligent operation system
    3. Up to 100 user-defined methods and 10 user-defined shortcuts.
    4. Store up to 200 titration data sets
    5. Titrator can be controlled by computer
    1. Mixed synchronous inlet system, expand up to 6 channels
    2. The most secure built-in burette
    3. Meet the demand of mult complex liquid inlet automatically
    4. Burette volume: 1ml/5ml/10ml/25ml (Optional)
    5. Can storage the database to the cloud server
    6. Can work with external 16-samples auto-sampler
    1. Burette: 15mL/25mL
    2. Support building own dedicated titration mode
    3. Burette accurate: 0.005mm
    4. Wide operating voltage range 110~240V
    5. Accuracy closed-loop control for volume

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