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Colony Counter, CC-K97A, CC-QS1

  • Optional light and dark background, no glare backlight
  • CC-QS1: magnifying glass observation
  • Diameter of petri dish: 50mm-90mm

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CC-K97A,  CC-QS1 colony counter is a digital display automatic bacteria testing instrument. It consists of a counter, probe, counting chamber, and other parts. The counter is carefully designed with a CMOS integrated circuit, LED digital tube display, the character height is 13mm, clear and bright; It cooperates with a special probe, and the counting is sensitive and accurate. In the counting chamber with a black background, the fluorescent light is illuminated, and the colony contrast is clear, which is easy to observe. This instrument can reduce the labor intensity of laboratory personnel, improve work efficiency, and improve work quality. It is widely used in food, beverage, medicine, biological product, cosmetics, sanitary product, drinking water, domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, and bacterial counts in a clinical samples. It is a necessary instrument for epidemic prevention stations, environmental monitoring stations, food hygiene supervision and inspection institutes, hospitals, biological products institutes, drug inspection institutes, commodity inspection bureaus, food factories, beverage factories, cosmetics factories, daily chemical factories at all levels, as well as laboratories of colleges, universities and scientific research institutions.

Use method

Put the culture dish on the white-light board, turn on the white light light, using probe by touching the dish to count, and the LED display will display the counted number; After the counting is completed, the counting pen can be used to temporarily record the total number on the manuscript paper, and then quickly turn off the power again, seeing the number return to zero from the LED screen.Comparing the second count with the previous total on the manuscript paper, the same number can get a more accurate result.


Model CC-K97A CC-QS1
Counter capacity 0 ~ 999 (Note*)
Illuminated display window height 13mm
Diameter of petri dish 50mm-90mm
Light source lamp efficacy 16W; Total power consumption is less than 20W
Power supply voltage 220V, 50Hz; Volume: 255 X 180 X 110
Inductive pressure counting system
Weight 1.5Kg
Optional light and dark background, no glare backlight
/ magnifying glass observation
/ A USB 2.0 interface can be added to measure the maximum value, minimum value, average value and other parameters of the data.


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