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Automobile Exhaust Analyzer, AEA-H401

  • Measure CO, HC, CO2, O2concentration
  • High-brightness digital display
  • Optional built-in printer (or Bluetooth, RS232, analog interface)

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It is used to measure the gas concentration of HC, CO, CO2 and O2 in the exhaust gas of automobiles, automatically calculate and display the air-fuel ratio λ, and comprehensively detect the combustion performance and emission pollution of the engine.


  • It adopts foreign advanced technology and is assembled with imported key components.
  • With high-brightness digital display, automatic zero calibration, automatic data linearization processing.
  • Automatically alarm when the gas path is blocked, and automatically diagnose the unit when it fails.
  • It is suitable for the detection of engine exhaust components as fuels such as gasoline, LPG, CNG, alcohol and diesel.
  • Can perform free idle and dual idle measurements.
  • Easy to operate, accurate measurement data, stable and reliable work, etc.
  • Optional built-in printer (or Bluetooth, RS232, analog interface)


Model AEA-H401
Measuring Range HC:0~10000×10-6(ppm) vol
CO: 0~10 ×10-2(%)vol
O2: 0~25×10-2(%)vol
Indicating Error HC±12 ×10-6 (ppm) vol (absolute error) or ±5% (relative error)
CO±0.06×10-2(%)vol (absolute error)or ±5%(relative error)
CO2 ±0.5×10-2(%)vol (absolute error)or ±5%(relative error)
O±0.1 ×10-2(%)vol (absolute error)or ±5%(relative error)
Stability Automatic zero calibration, torque drift ≤ ± 3%
Repeatability Repeatability error≤±2%
Resolution HC: 1×10-6(ppm)vol
CO: 0.01×10-2(%)vol
CO2: 0.1×10-2(%)vol
O2: 0.01×10-2(%)vol
Response Time 95% response is not more than 10 seconds
Preheating Time 8 minutes (preheating for 3 minutes for emergency detection)
Output Mode Digital direct-reading display, a printer can be attached to print the gas name, maximum concentration, average value, test time, date, etc. Interface can be attached to connect with computer
Ambient Condition Temperature: -5~50℃, relative humidity≤90%
Electricity AC100-240V, 50/60Hz or DC12V (Optional power inverter)
Power Consumption 40VA
External Dimension (L*W*H) 420*310*170mm
Net Weight 9kg


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