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Cassette Dental Autoclave, STC Series

  1. Sterilization Volume: 1.8 – 6 L
  2. The whole sterilization process is about 6-9 minutes
  3. Temperature range: 135 ° C- 138° C
  4. Maximum Operating Pressure: 242 kPa

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At 6-9 minutes cycle, STC Series Cassette Dental Autoclave offer easily one of the faster sterilizers on the market, the sterilization effect is reliable and rapid.  It is suitable for dental equipment operation and emergency due to its compact size and short sterilization cycle. This cassette dental autoclave is designed for sterilization of all reusable instruments, including complex constructions, whether packaged or not.

1. It is easy to operate, the system operation is displayed on the screen; Sterilization procedures can be safely interrupted at any time.
2. With self-detection system, if a problem occurs in the process of operation, the system will automatically stop and the defective code will be displayed on the screen.
3. It is suitable for sterilization of instruments containing cavity and solid instruments, and it can be non-wrapped sterilization
4. Small dimensions, light weight, wide ambient working conditions, easy to operate. the cassette is also a good medical instruments container for temporary deposit and carry.
5. Compared with the autoclave with a longer sterilization cycle, this quick autoclave prolongs the lifespan of the medical instruments relatively.

Cassette Dental Autoclave, STC Series mask
  • Easy to operate
  • The system operation is displayed on the screen
  • Sterilization procedures can be safely interrupted at any time
cassette-autoclave-printer img
  • Standard printer
  • Real-time record for sterilization process
Cassette dental autoclave, STC Series Ultra-thin-cassette-box
  • Ultra-thin cassette box design makes heating and cooling faster
Cassette Dental Autoclave, STC Series 0.22μm-Biofilter
  • 0.22μm Biofilter
Cassette Dental Autoclave, STC Series sterilization chart-

Shorter cycle time, higher efficiency

  • A: Displace
  • B: Heat up
  • C: Sterilization
  • D: Exhaust
  • E: Dry



Model STC-2000 STC-5000 STC-6000
Maximum Operating Pressure 242 kPa
Operating Pressure Range 42 kPa ~ 212kPa
Maximum Operating Temperature 138° C
Operating Temperature Range 115 ° C to 135 ° C
Sterilization Volume About 1.8 Liters About 5.2 Liters About 6.0 Liters
Tank Volume 3.4 Liters
Water Ultra-pure water, deionized water, laboratory water. Ultra-pure water, deionized water, laboratory water, distilled water, purified water.
Power Supply Voltage AC 220 V±22 V
Power Frequency 50 Hz ± 1 Hz
Input Power ≤1.3 kVA
Atmospheric Pressure Range 70.0 kPa to 106.0 kPa
Ambient Temperature Range + 5 ° C ~ + 40 ° C
Steam Generator Power 1.2 kVA ± 5%
Fuse F8AL250V phi 5 x 20 mm
Safety Valve Setting Pressure 0.25 MPa
Equipment Working Medium Water Vapor
Working Relative Humidity ≤85%
Normal Use Place Work room
Run Mode Run Intermittently (≤6 cycles/hour)


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