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Colonometer, CM-M Series

  • Petri dish diameter: standard 90mm and 55mm
  • Typical counting time: 3-6 seconds
  • Counting quantity: more than 400 plates per hour

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Colony statistics instrument is widely used in food and beverage quality and hygiene inspection, water quality analysis, milk and dairy products detection, hospital clinical inspection, cosmetics inspection and drug quality and quality inspection, etc. It is suitable for microbial colony counting and calculation, antibiotic antimicrobial test and strain screening, etc. It is an advanced and efficient colony meter in modern microbial testing laboratory. Counting device.

Analysis software features:
1. Higher accuracy: 0.2mm
2. More types of dishes: they can be used in food hygiene inspection, water quality analysis, milk and dairy products testing, cosmetics testing, drug quality testing, medical clinical testing and so on. They are suitable for counting and calculating bacterial colonies of microorganisms.
3. Efficient operation: All operations are fast. Users only need to open the computer and change the Petri dishes, and so on.
4. Typical counting time: Fast algorithm makes the typical counting time less than 1 second (200 colonies were detected).
5. Resolution: For standard 90 mm dishes, the smallest distinguishable colony diameter can reach 0.2 mm.
6. Analysable parameters: quantitative analysis of the number of colonies satisfying the statistical conditions of size and color, average, maximum, and minimum of colonies in Petri dishes.
7. Counting methods: automatic counting, area selection counting, manual addition of missing points and deletion of redundant points, histogram display size distribution information.
8. Output of results: Various parameters can be displayed, printed, and saved for each dish. It provides a data output format compatible with Microsoft Excel and can use data analysis software such as Excel to meet more data analysis. The data printing format can be modified immediately according to the needs of different industries.
9. Remote data transmission: Through the Internet or the local area network in the laboratory, image data and record results in the database can also be transmitted and managed remotely, which facilitates data sharing and paperless office needs.

System Configuration
The colony counting system is mainly composed of four parts:
(1) Colony Counting Instrument Host
(2) Data Connection Cable
(3) Probing into the Pen
(4) Composition of high-quality computers and printers (optional parts).
(5) Software Suite
Note: Customers can match their own computers and printers according to their needs.
1. Observe carefully whether the connection between the data line and the host interface is correct.
2. Do not use computers to run game software, do not install pirated software, because these software often contains viruses, it is not easy to completely eliminate.
3. Do not open the chassis, because the human body has static electricity, it is likely to cause damage to expensive circuit boards in the machine.
4. Do not disassemble the instrument chassis at will.
5. The total power supply should be switched off immediately after use, which can effectively prolong the life of the machine.
6. White light is easy to be damaged. After use, it should be wiped clean to avoid knocking and collision.
7. When moving the machine, we must cut off all the power supply and do not plug any connectors with electricity.


Model CM-M1
Petri dish diameter standard 90mm and 55mm
Detection mode automatic combined with manual
Typical counting time 3-6 seconds (spiral inoculation Petri dish)
Counting quantity more than 400 plates per hour
Detection limit 0.2-255mm, +0.1mm
Colony resolution <0.2mm
Light source LED
Illumination mode top projection light, bottom reflection light source
Data Interface USB2.0/232


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