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Mortuary Refrigerato, MCFR-3000E

  1. Effective volume: 3 corpses
  2. Temperature in the drawer box: -10℃~5℃
  3. Relative humidity: >90%
  4. Power supply: AC power,Single-phase 220V50HZ Ambient temperature
  5. Refrigerant: R404a

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Detailed configuration, technical parameters and performance instructions:

Control system: This refrigerator adopts imported computer temperature controller, digital display, high temperature control accuracy,and it has over-temperature,sound and light alarm function.

Refrigeration system: The fully enclosed refrigeration system is reasonably matched and the temperature drops quickly.It adopts single-machine single-control, single-cycle refrigeration system, with an independent refrigeration system for each floor.They can work simultaneously or individually. The bottom of the corpse refrigerator is equipped with casters, which is convenient for handling and labor-saving, and greatly saves time.

Thermal insulation material: The box body is made of stainless steel and polyurethane integrated foam, which has excellent insulation effect.

Evaporator: built-in high-quality copper tube, one piece without seams, which is more beautiful than the traditional wall-mounted type. The cooling effect is more significant.


Model MCFR-3000E
Effective volume 3 corpses
Temperature in the drawer box -10℃~5℃
Relative humidity > 90%
Power supply AC power, Single-phase 220V50HZ
Ambient temperature 10-38 °C
Input power 654W
Anti-electric shock category 1
Climate type Subtropical
Overall dimensions 2400 * 800 * 1800 (mm)
Weight 350KG
Refrigerant R404a

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