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Digital Viscometer, VSC-2C

  1. Measuring range (mPa·s):  30~ 6,000,000
  2. Rotating speed (rpm): 0.1 ~ 200
  3. LCD screen display
  4. High-speed chip processor, processing data faster.

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  1. Color screen with simple and clear operation interface.
  2. Metal shell, strong anti-interference, different from the plastic parts used by others.
  3. With PT100 high-precision temperature probe.
  4. High-speed chip processor, processing data faster.
  5. Adopt durable high-strength small shaft.
  6. With RS232 interface, it can be connected to computer, micro printer and print data.
  7. Timing function, automatic completion of non-Newtonian fluids, ensure to obtain good consistent data.
  8. Instrument viscosity curve.
  9. Automatic range display: the maximum measured viscosity under the current rotor and speed combination
  10. The instrument can store data, which is convenient for customers to check and compare.


It can be used in ink, glue, latex, solvent-based adhesives, paints and coatings, petroleum, cosmetics, milk products, medicines, fruit juices, etc.


Measuring range (mPa·s) 30~ 6,000,000 cp
Rotating speed (rpm) 0.1 ~ 200 (freely switch between stepped, stepless and variable speed)
Rotor configuration 1# 2# 3# 4#
Measurement error ±1% (full scale)
Repeatability ±0.5% (full scale)
Viscosity temperature curve The whole system can output the viscosity-temperature time curve.
LCD screen display The LCD screen can display viscosity, shear rate, shear stress, rotational speed, temperature, percent torque, rotor number and the maximum viscosity value of the selected rotor at the current rotational speed, etc.
Optional Temperature control equipment KDC-1WB


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