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ENT Comprehensive Diagnosis And Treatment Table, ENT-2

  • Full HD 3CCD endoscopic visualrecording system
  • With Electric therapeutic chair system
  • Anti-backflow device, safe and environmentally friendly

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The internal frame of the diagnosis and treatment table host is made of stainless steel + the exterior is sprayed with high-grade epoxy resin powder, and the shell is made of high-strength ABS blister technology, maximizing the scope of work involved in the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment operations.


  • Electric therapeutic chair system

Several control systems (main control screen, foot switches, chair back control buttons) are available; Free angle adjustment; Automatic linkage of back and leg parts; Hoop locking device.

Personalized operating procedures, treatment positions can be programmed to store (3 groups);

  • Full HD 3CCD endoscopic visualrecording system

Effective pixels HD1920x1080P;

Free switching between dynamic and static, one-key operation;

Using LED cold light source;

4 kinds of optical fiber conversion interfaces, compatible with major international brands of optical fibers and endoscopes;

  • Spray gun

Pistol-style novel design;

The trigger switch frees the thumb for more comfortable operation;

The gun body is set with a dose adjustment knob, real-time control, convenient and free;

  • Flush gun

Constant temperature flushing system, comfortable medical experience;

  • Attract gun

Strong absorption, attractive force can be adjusted arbitrarily.

  • Positive pressure system

Adopt compressor, stable performance and low noise.

  • Negative pressure system

Anti-back flow device, safe and environmentally friendly, easy to clean, low noise.

  • Graphic workstation

Independent graphic capture card, real-time capture of visual images;

Real-time photo and visual functions, which can be operated by mouse button or foot switch;

Pre-set diagnostic form templates (templates have intellectual property rights), greatly reducing billing time;

Seamlessly connect the hospital information management system, and the data can be called at any time;

Full HD 24-inch monitor, meeting doctors’ demands for professional-level images and pictures;

Equipped with color high-speed printer.


Main diagnosis table Model ENT-2
Electricity AC220V 50Hz
Input power ≤1500VA+≤1000VA
Positive pressure system maximum pressure ≤0.2MPa
Suction system maximum negative pressure ≥-0.085MPa
Positive pressure pump power AC230V, 100W
Negative pressure pump power AC220V,360W
Defogging pre heated device power AC220V,450W
Thermal chamber power DC24V,32W
Flushing system power Water heating DC24V, 80W
Spray gun 3, 2 straight and 1 curved
Flush gun 1
Attract gun 1
Flashlight DC12V, 50W
Instrument tray 2 pieces, stainless steel, with cover,≥305*205*50 (mm)
Round cup 4 pieces, stainless steel,≥φ90×90 (mm)
Medicine bottle 1 piece, medical glass vial,60ml
Device recovery tank 2,φ90*100
Dimensions of the main diagnosis table L*W*H: 880*660*870mmm
Diagnosis and treatment chair Lifting electric actuator DC24V, 6000N
Backrest electric push rod DC24V, 8000N
Maximum bearing capacity 300kg
Seat height 550-750mm
Seat rotation range ±90°
Backrest supine angle 90°-180°
Headrest movement range ≥350mm
Base dimensions(L*W*H)  (Minimum): 630*740*1460mm
Computer station Exterior dimensions 1180*610*800
Auxiliary cabinet Exterior dimensions 630*520*850










Diagnosis and treatment table 1
Spray gun (2 straight and 1 curved) 3
Flush gun 1
Attract gun 1
Endoscopic pre-warmers 1
Endoscope insulation tank 1
Dropper bottle 1
Central control touch screen 1
Medical cotton jar 4
12 inch instrument tray 2
Instrument collection tank 2
Spotlight light 1
Computer workbench 1
Otoscope 1
LED viewing light 1
Electric diagnosis and treatment chair 1
Doctor chair 1





Single CCD/3CCD camera system 1
Cold light source (including light guide) 1
SONY HD Medical Monitor 1
Computer 1
LED headlights 1
Instrument cabinet 1
Printer 1
Workstation Graphic System 1
Water collector 1
Surgical microscope 1
Acrylic work surface, color optional 1


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