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Fully auto Biochemistry Analyzer, BA-A-S120Mini

  • Up to constant 120 tests/h
  • One button to test
  • All-in-one machine
  • Direct print report
  • Touch screen operation

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The Biochemistry Analyzer is fast, easy to use, and has a very friendly user interface. It is widely used in hospitals at all levels, epidemic prevention stations, and family planning service stations.

Product features

  • Up to constant 120 tests/h
  • Discrete/random access
  • STAT sample priority
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly interface
  • No computer
  • Internal thermal printer
  • Direct print report
  • All-in-one machine


General Information
Machine type Random access, open reagent & locked reagent (optional)
Test speed Constant 120 tests/hour (Mono reagent or double reagent)
Test principle Colorimetric, turbidimetry
Test method 1 point end, 2 point end, Fixed-Time, Kinetics
Calibration type Linear & nonlinear
Sample Unit
Sample tray 24+5(Tube 12*100) sample positions
Sample tube Micro cup & test tube & blood collection tube can be used.(φ 12 -13 )mm *(25-100 )mm
Sample volume 2-30μl step by 0.1μl
Sample probe Liquid surface detection, timely tracking for liquid volume.
Collision avoidance
Probe cleaning Automatic washing for both interior and exterior ,carry-over < 0.05%
Sample barcode Sample barcode reader (optional)
Reagent Unit
Reagent tray 54 positions for reagent, Non-stop
cooling system with peltier pad inside, 24 hours 2℃-14℃,
open system, coμld accept any reagent.
Reagent volume 20-300μl, step by l μl
Reagent needle Liquid surface detection, timely tracking for liquid volume.
Collision avoidance.
Probe cleaning Automatic washing for both interior and exterior ,carry-over < 0.05%
Regent barcode Regent barcode reader (optional)
Reaction Unit
Reaction tray 81 reaction cuvettes, new amorphous optical plastics
reaction cups, perfect transmittance.
Reaction volume 150 μl-330 μl
Reaction time 10 minutes
Cuvette washing steps 5-stage, 2 times automatic washing system, alkaline cleaning solution
Temperature Peltier pad incubation system, reaction temperature
(37°C ±0.1 °C)
Mixing System
Mixer Paddle-type mixing,surface teflon treatment, wash before and after mixing ,effective reducing of carry-over
Optical System
Light source Halogen lamp
Wavelength 340nm; 405nm; 450nm; 500nm; 546nm; 578nm; 630nm;670nm(4 more options)
Absorbance range 0-3.8 Abs
Resolution 0.0001 Abs
Operating System
Operation system Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Report printing 6 formats optional, surpport custom pattern
Interface TCP/IP network interface


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