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Fume Hood, FMH-PL Series

  • Opening Height of Window: 700mm
  • Exhaust Caliber: 250mm
  • Face Velocity: 0.3~0.5m/s

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  1. Cabinet
    1)The disassembly and assembly structure of the cabinet adopts “mouth-shaped, U-shaped, T-shaped” folded and welded reinforced structures. The physical structure is stable, can bear a maximum load of 400kg, and has excellent resistance to strong acid and alkali.
    2)The base cabinet is welded and made of 8mm thick PP polypropylene plate, which has strong acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. The door panels all adopt a folded-edge structure, which is sturdy and firm, not easily deformed, and the overall appearance is beautiful and elegant.
  2. Deflector
    The deflector is welded and made of 8mm thick PP polypropylene plate, which has strong acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.It is installed behind and above the work space and consists of two plates to form an air chamber between the work space and the exhaust pipe to discharge polluted gases evenly. The deflector uses a PP fixed base to combine it with the cabinet and can be disassembled and assembled repeatedly.
  3. Window
    1)The sliding vertical window sliding door, combined with the balanced position, can stop at any active point on the operating surface.
    2) The frame of the window adopts a frameless door, which is embedded and sandwiched on all four sides of the glass.The friction resistance is small, ensuring the safety and durability of the window.
    3)The window is made of 5mm thick tempered glass, which has high strength and good bending resistance, and will not produce small sharp-angled fragments when broken.
    4)The window lift counterweight adopts a synchronous structure, and the synchronous belt drive has accurate displacement, small force on the shaft, good wear resistance, and good anti-aging performance.
  4. Connecting part
    All internal connection devices in the connection part must be concealed and corrosion-resistant, with no exposed screws, and external connection devices must be made of stainless steel components and non-metallic materials that are resistant to chemical corrosion.
  5. Exhaust port
    1)The exhaust port adopts a PP material gas collection hood. The air outlet has a round hole with a diameter of 250mm and is connected with a casing to reduce gas turbulence.
  6. Countertop
    The countertop is made of 8mm thick high-quality pure PP (polypropylene) board.
  7. Accessories
    1) The circuit control panel adopts an LCD display panel (the speed can be set and adjusted freely, and the electric air valve can be opened quickly in 6 seconds).
    Lighting LED white light quick start type, installed on the top of the fume hood, long service life.
    The socket is equipped with four 10A 220V five-hole multi-functional sockets.
    The circuit uses CHINT 2.5 square meters copper core wire.
    2) The base cabinet door hinges and handles are made of acid and alkali resistant PP material with good corrosion resistance.
    3) One access window is reserved on the left and right sides of the upper cabinet, and one access window is reserved on the back panel of the lower cabinet to facilitate troubleshooting. Three holes are reserved on each of the left and right side panels to facilitate the installation of cork and other facilities.


Model FMH-P1200L FMH-P1500L FMH-P1800L
External Dimensions(mm) 1200*850*2350 1500*850*2350 1800*850*2350
Internal Dimensions(mm) 960*630*1180 1260*630*1180 1560*630*1180
Opening Height of Window(mm) 700
Exhaust Air Volume (m³/h) 1300 1700 2100
Exhaust Caliber(mm) φ250
Face Velocity(m/s) 0.3~0.5
LED Lamp 20W *1pc
Noise(dB) Less than 65
Power Input Voltage Single phase, 220V 50Hz
Current and Power of Power Socket 10A, 2200W
Net Weight(kg) 132 152 178
Standard Configuration Upper cabinet, Base cabinet, Gas collection hood, Centrifugal fan, PP countertop, LED lamp, Power socket
Optional Configuration Water sink, Water tap, Water valve, Water nozzle, Gas valve, Gas nozzle, Gas cock, Power socket, Explosion proof lighting, Touch screen, Solid core physical and chemical board countertop, Ceramic countertop, Pipeline


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