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Gluten Tester; Double-head Type; BGLT-3A

  1. Agitator rotation speed: 120±2r/min
  2. Thin wash mesh size: 80µm (200mesh) metal sieve
  3. Thick wash mesh size: 800µm (26mesh) metal sieve
  4. Washing liquid flow capacity: 50mL/min~56mL/min

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MJ series Gluten Tester is a professional instrument for testing gluten content, gluten index and gluten water retention rate in the flour. The whole set includes: host machine, index apparatus, and dryer. It’s suitable for accuracy testing of wheat flour and entire wheat flour.

Widely used in food and flour processing department, grain and oil scientific research institution, grain storage department, universities, scientific institution etc.


Model  BGLT-3A
Agitator rotation speed  120±2r/min
Thin wash mesh size  80µm (200mesh) metal sieve
Thick wash mesh size  800µm (26mesh) metal sieve
Washing liquid flow capacity  50mL/min~56mL/min
Dough mixing time  1s~99s (digital, adjustable, adjust start from each second)
Washing time  1s~59s; 1min~15mins (digital, adjustable)
Centrifugation time  1s~59s; 1min~9mins (digital, adjustable)
Centrifugation speed  3000 r/min , 6000 r/min±5r/min (adjustable)
Centrifugation mesh box  Aperture is 600µm
Centrifugation acceleration speed  2000g
Dryer temperature  150℃~ 200℃
Working voltage  AC220V±5%, 50Hz
Working environment  temperature: 0℃~40℃
Shape size and weight: (L*W*H)/ kg  The machine  400 * 300 * 240 mm; 13kg
 Index Apparatus  240 * 240 * 200 mm; 4kg
 Dryer  220 * 220 * 65 mm;  1.5kg

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