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High Precision Low Temperature Constant Temperature Bath, RECH-GDW-5005S

  1. Temperature range(℃): -40~95
  2. Temperature fluctuation(℃): ±0.01
  3. Display resolution:0.01

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Using the hidden constant temperature method, the temperature uniformity can reach ±0.02.
The circulation system has a filtering function to prevent debris from entering the circulation system, which better guarantees the service life of the equipment.
Fully enclosed compressor unit for refrigeration, the refrigeration system has multiple protection devices for overheating and overcurrent.
The liner is made of 304 stainless steel, clean and hygienic, beautiful and corrosion-resistant.
The drum-type liner is adopted, the stirring is more uniform without a dead angle, and the design of no coil inside the tank can be adopted, which can make full use of the experimental space in the tank.
Equipped with a drain port for easy medium replacement.

Optional Features
Optional high-temperature refrigeration function, which can quickly cool down at high temperatures, breaking the traditional high-temperature to low-temperature natural cooling mode.
Optional communication function to connect with computer.
Optional program control function, multi-time period, multi-temperature point for temperature control.


Model RECH-GDW-5005S
Temperature range(℃) -40~95
Temperature fluctuation(℃) ±0.01
Display resolution 0.01
Tank volume (L) 50
Maximum flow(L/min) 60
Circulation mode internal and external double circulation
Opening size (cm) ∮34
Inner tank size (cm) ∮40×42
Heating power (W) 6500
Cooling capacity at 20°C (W) 4400
The highest lift (M) 10
Electricity 380V 50Hz


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