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Liquid Densitometer/ Density meter , ELD-300

  1. Density resolution: 0.001g/cm3
  2. Simple operation
  3. Stable and Durable

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ELD-300 Economy Liquid Densitometer

——Direct reading data, Shorter measuring time, Density resolution 0.001 g/cm3

Application: Chemical Solution, Modern Energy, Oil Fuel, Fine Chemical Engineering, Chemical Reagent, Chemistry Researching Laboratory.

Standards: In accordance with Archimedes principle, GB/T 611 、GB/T11540、GB/T12206、GB/T5518 standards, etc.

Combine Archimedes principle with modern electronics technique of ELD-300; Digital display liquid decimeter; The data can be read directly with high measuring accuracy; The operation is easier and gets away from the influence of external factor and temperature compared with traditional Wechsler balance method and pycnometer method; It can be applied to the field of quality management, cost control, formula researching and so on. Also, the solvent, adhesive, paint,

pitch, resin, chemical oils, edible oil, food additives, drink, dairy products can be measured.

Features :

The density value can be shown by one procedure. and repeatedly continuous rapid measuring can be worked.

Digital Display; High accuracy of measuring; Simple operation; Stable and Durable.

The density value of samples with the temperature from normal to 100℃ can be measured.

Take samples conveniently. and 50CC would be okay.

There is no cumbersome debugging and operation compared with the traditional Wechsler balance method and pycnometer method.

It is very easy to clean measuring cup, and can’t get the limitation of the size of pycnometer caliber.

Coordinate with the operation of the thermostatic tank to measure the proportion with the required temperature.

Adopt the unicase dedicated wind and dust cover, which makes the combination convenient and durable.

Volatile liquid, corrosivity liquid,viscous liquid, strong acid, and strong lye liquid can be measured quickly.

The interface of RS-232C is included. the printer of DE-40 will be available to connect PC with printer.

Measuring Procedure:

Place beaker with sample on testing board. and take-off weight of pothook.

Make standard weight hanged on pothook and submerged in liquid to be tested totally. and then press the ENTER button to memory. Density value can be displayed.

Standard Accessories:

Host, measuring frame, AR-20A standard liquid measuring assembly, tweezer,

thermometer,100G weight, wind, and dust cover, measuring support, power transformer

Optional Accessories:

AR-40 printer, AR-20B anti-corrosive liquid measuring assembly.


Name/model ELD-300 Electronical Liquid Densitometer
Density resolution 0.001g/cm3
Density range 0.001—99.999g/cm3
Measuring type a: mobility liquid,viscous liquid,volatile liquid,corrosivity liquid,high temperature liquid,suspension liquid,emulsion and so on

b: alcohol,scaling powder,essence,blood,sodium chloride,glycerol, electrolyte,diesel,refrigerating,hydrofluoric acid,dichloromethane,vitriol

Measuring Principle Archimedes principle displacement method
Measuring mode 1 group
Measuring time About 5 seconds
Memory mode memory in a shorter time by one procedure
Result Display Density value
Specific Gravity Measuring frame stainless steel specific gravity measuring frame
Function of setting Temperature setting, solution density setting, measuring weights setting of weight in the normal liquid and water
Calibration mode auto-correction with one button,auto-detection.
Measuring testing distilled testing
Output mode standard interface of RS-232, output and print testing data conveniently
Standard accessories Host, measuring frame, AR-20A standard liquid measuring assembly, tweezer, thermometer,100G weight, measuring support, power transformer

AR-20A standard liquid measuring assembly:

Two stainless steel pothooks, one glass weight, one glass beaker.

Optional accessories AR-40 printer, AR-20B anti-corrosive liquid measuring assembly
power AC~220V / 50HZ
Main feature data display, accuracy, rapid, convenience durable, economy


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