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Melting Point Apparatus, MTP-C Series

  • Measuring range: R.T.~360℃, R.T.~400℃
  • Number of capillary: 1 , 3
  • Linear heating-up rate: 0.1℃~20℃/min
  • Data storage: 1000 set
  • Measurement methods: automatic

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  1. The instrument uses the capillary specified as the sample tube
  2. It adopts photoelectric automatic detection and color LCD touch screen display.
  3. During the test, the results of initial melting and final melting are automatically recorded, and the initial melting and final melting curves of the sample can be displayed at the same time.
  4. The temperature control system uses precision platinum resistance as the temperature detection element, and applies PID adjustment and PWM temperature control technology to improve the accuracy and reliability of the melting point determination.
  5. The instrument has the function of automatically saving working parameters and storing measurement results. It can also establish a connection with a PC through a USB interface or an RS232 interface, and can be connected to a printer.


Parameters/Model MTP-2C MTP-1C
Measurement display R.T.~360 R.T.~400
Minimum digital display 0.1℃
Linear heating-up rate 0.1℃~20℃/min
Accuracy ≤200℃: ±0.4℃; >200℃: ±0.7℃
Repeatability 0.3℃ (heating rate: 1.0℃/min)
Size of the capillary Φ1.4mm (outside diameter); Φ1.0mm (inside diameter); Length: 90mm
Number of capillary 3 1
Loading height of the sample 3 mm
Data storage 1000 set
Optional accessories Printer (RD-TH32-SC)
Display 7-inch touch LCD
Interface RS232/USB
Dimension 580mm×430mm×310mm
Weight (Gross) 13 kg 11 kg


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