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Melting Point Tester, MTPT-1

  • Melting point test range: R.T. to 270ºC
  • Capacity: 250ml beaker in tall form
  • Deviation of linear heating rate: < 5%
  • Heating-conducting medium: Methyl silicone oil
  • Automatic magnetic stirring system
  • Equipped with micro-printer

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1.High-precision temperature sensor measures the temperature and it can correct non-linear error automatically.
2. Full-automatic frequency converting control technology has high temperature control precision and small linear error of heating rate.
3. Automatic magnetic stirring system, oil bath temperature is uniform.
4.Automation: automatic measurement, automatic diagnosis and automatic alarm.
5.Equipped with new type front paper change thermosensitive mini printer which is convenient for recording and saving experimental data.


Melting point test range room temperature to 270ºC
Heating rate four levels: 0.5ºC/min; 1ºC/min; 1.5ºC/min; 3.0ºC/min
Deviation of linear heating rate  < 5%
Temperature transfer medium Methyl silicone oil
Liquid cup for temperature transfer 250ml beaker in tall form
Melting point test precision less than 200ºC not more than ±0.5ºC;   more than 200ºC not more than ±1.0ºC
Indicating value resolution 0.1 ºC
Operational environment temperature 18ºC-28ºC
Interface Standard serial printing interface, with its own micro-printer.
Power supply AC220V±10%; frequency:50Hz; power: 200W
Overall dimensions L*W*H  200mm*320mm*305mm
Working condition reset state, temperature control state and start test state; full-automatic frequency converting control technology has high temperature control precision and small linear error of heating rate.
  1. The preset value recorded this time is saved after shutdown and the preset temperature upon starting next time is the preset value this time.
  2. After the preset temperature is reached, delay about 1 min to make the liquid in the stable temperature state, which is prompted by buzzer.
  3. When the sample melts, the values of initial melting point and final melting point can be recorded by using initial melting and final melting keys.


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