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Microcentrifuge, CFG-MiniY Series

  • Speed: 4000rpm, 6000rpm, 7000rpm, 10000rpm, 3000-10000rpm
  • RCF: 860xg, 2000xg, 2600xg, 5400xg, 500-5400xg
  • Capacity: CentrifugeTube: 8×2.0mL/1.5mL/0.5mL/0.2mL; PCR tube strips:8×4×0.2mL

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The mini centrifuge is novel in appearance and versatile. It is equipped with two centrifugal rotors and multiple test tube sleeves for 2.0mL/1.5mL/ 0.5mL/0.2mL centrifuge tubes and 8×2×0.2mL PCR tube strips. Fully transparent round top cover with multi rotor equipped, and an open cover pause function and electronic timing fully embodied the design concept of humanization.


  • Serum extracted from whole blood
  • Supernatant extraction of various samples
  • Separation of blood cells
  • Microbial sample processing
  • Rapid sedimentation of samples
  • Partition centrifugation for PCR experiments


  • Large radius with 8-hole rotor design, 1.5-fold stronger centrifugal force.
  • Top cover opens automatically for easy one-handed operation.
  • Snap-on design for easy rotor replacement and removal.
  • Noise reduction function, near silent operation.
  • The maintenance-free motor is durable, safe and reliable.
  • Exquisite appearance and compact size.


Model CFG-Mini4Y CFG-Mini6Y CFG-Mini7Y CFG-Mini10Y CFG-Mini10YS
Speed 4000rpm 6000rpm 7000rpm 10000rpm 3000-10000rpm
Max.RCF  860xg 2000xg 2600xg  5400xg  500-5400xg
Capacity Centrifuge Tube: 8×2.0mL/1.5mL/0.5mL/0.2mL

PCR tube strips:8×4×0.2mL

Timer 1~99min59s
Sound Emission ≤ 45dB ≤ 55dB
Electricity 220V/110V, 50-60Hz
Dimension(W*D*H) 160*176*135mm
N.W./G.W. 1.6kg/2.1kg
Shipping Dimension(L*W*H) 290*230*210mm

Equipped accessories

Strip rotor centrifuge rotor For 0.2mL×32 tubes
8-position rotor centrifuge rotor For 1.5/2.0ml×8 tubes
Tube adaptor centrifuge rotor For 0.5ml tubes


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