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Microwave Digestion/Extraction System, MDS-Tan40

  • Comprehensive Safety Guarantee
  • Excellent Digestion Capability
  • Smart Software Functions
  • High Reliability
  • Versatile Extensibility

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Microwave Digestion Workstation is widely used in environmental monitoring, food safety, environmental monitoring, public health and disease prevention and control, petrochemical industry,education and research, metallurgy and other fields.


  • Comprehensive safety guarantee, combined with anti-corrosion capability

The furnace cavity is made of Grade 316L stainless steel.

The 3D adjustable, explosion-proof security door, installed with buffer and choke (to prevent microwave leakage), is self-sealing, impact-resistant and with interlocking linkage mechanism.

The aerospace composite fiber outer vessel, wholly sprayed with PFA coating, boasts both higher anti-corrosion and higher pressure-resistance levels, compared to those of PEEK materials.

  • Dual magnetron inverter control system ensures consistent sample digestion

Microwave Digestion Workstation adopts dual magnetron inverter control system and high-frequency closed-loop PID control, thereby realizing microwave continuous non-pulse output, more uniform microwave field in the cavity, higher energy utilization rate, and consistent sample digestion.

  • Two LCD screen, displaying real-time operation and experiment status

The 7-inch color LCD touch screen displays real-time data, such as temperature, power, time, and steps. Swift switch to display of coordinate curves greatly facilitates users to better know what is going on with the experiment.

The 5-inch color LCD screen allows clear, real-time observation of operation inside the furnace cavity. Equipped with interfaces, such as USB, network port or Wi-Fi, the vessel, once permitted, can be remotely operated and monitored through computer or Pad.

  • Full-vessel pressure control technology

The high-pressure digestion vessel adopts elastic pressure relief and self-sealing technology. Under normal operation conditions, the vessel is completely sealed without leakage. Under overpressure conditions, the pressure is automatically and safely released together with excessive reaction gas (CO2 and nitrogen oxides); then, it is immediately sealed, ensuring smooth progress of subsequent experiments.

  • Full-vessel precise temperature control and monitoring, ensuring safety and digestion performance

Non-contact mid-infrared sensors at bottom monitor and visualize real-time temperature change of sample solution inside each digestion vessel. The whole vessel temperature control system effectively monitors abnormal conditions during digestion experiment. Once abnormal temperature is detected, the vessel immediately stops microwave emission and starts to sound the alarm, so that experimental safety is not disturbed.

  • Smart software operation

The vessel, running on the Android operating system, is convenient and multi-functional. It offers many functions, such as electronic signature, hierarchical permission and audit trail. The software automatically identifies model of the turntable and automatically counts the number of vessels, making the experiment easier and faster, with the absence of tedious manual counting and input.

  • Various supporting tools, making experiment easy and convenient

Various tools are supplied to reduce workload for operators and improve the work efficiency of sample preparation. For example, a mobile and flexible tool trolley is able to transfer rotor loaded with sample into and out of furnace cavity, avoiding direct contact between operator and digestion vessel for safety concerns.


Model MDS-Tan40
Electricity 220~240VAC50/60Hz20A
Working environment temperature 0~40℃
Relative humidity for working environment 15~80%RH
Microwave source 2450MHz; Max. microwave output power 2000W, emitted from Dual magnetron inverter high-energy microwave field;non-pulse continuous microwave output
Installed power 3800W
Microwave cavity Grade 316L stainless steel microwave resonant cavity, with a wall thickness of more than 3mm, sprayed with multi-layer PFA coating.
Furnace exhaust system Automatically adjusted air volume; cooling to room temperature in less than 15 minutes
Software system Android operating system (8G memory), built-in video SOP, application method library, electronic door lock, etc.
Dimensions(W*D*H) 600×685×660
Net weight 62kg
Batch amount 24 vessels 40 vessels
Inner vessel material TFM TFM
Outer vessel material Aerospace composite fiber Aerospace composite fiber with TEFLON coating
Inner vessel volume 110mL 55mL
Max. temperature 300℃ 300℃
Max. pressure 15Mpa 15Mpa
Image Microwave Digestion/Extraction System Microwave Digestion/Extraction System


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