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Particle Analyzer, LPC-T1

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Main Features:

Meet the requirements of national standards of China Pharmacopeia、America Pharmacopeia、 Pharmaceutical package standard、infusion devices GB8368.
Full volume test, simulated clinical infusion process with objective and true data.
Original packing and completely closed sampling to ensure no pollution in the process.
It adopts new type of injection pump to ensure continuous sampling, high precision and fast speed.
The liquid level automatic recognition function can distinguish the endpoint test without setting the sampling volume.
The high performance laser light source and light energy compensation circuit, ensure the test precision of various samples of colorless, colored sample.
The high performance processor, nearly 10000 counting channels, realize high precision data acquisition.
The fully automatic calibration, built-in kinds of calibration curves, meet the requirements of different standards.
The multi-level rights management for data security.
Android operating system, built-in huge storage, data statistical analysis function. You can access the laboratory operation platform, network management.


Model LPC-T1
Channel Set up 64 Channel, thousands of different particle sizes can be free set up, accuracy 0.1µm
Test Range 1~500µm
Count Range 0~9999999 particle
Sample Volume 1ml~full volume, accuracy 0.1ml
Accuracy of Sample Volume <0.5%
Sample Speed 5~80ml/min, arbitrary set up
Counting accuracy < required value5%
Channel Resolution >95%
Relative Standard Deviation RSD<1.5%(standard particle1000 particle/ml)
The best detection concentration 0~18000 particle/ml
Mixing Speed 0~1000r/min,impeller mixer of adjustable
Work Temperature 10~40℃
Power AC220V10% ; 50Hz; <80W
Data output Built-in Pin mini-printer; RS232 interface can connect computer; USB saved interface.


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