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Plasma air disinfection machine, Wall-mounted, STA-WM Series

  • Rated air volume (m³/h): 800/1000
  • Natural bacteria extinction rate: 90%
  • Staphylococcus albus killing rate: ≥99.9%

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1.Remote control operation: Infrared remote control is adopted, making it simple to operate and easy to use.

2.Power-off memory: Program-controlled power-off memory function; power-on automatic reset; easy to operate and worry-free.

3.Human and machine coexistence: Plasma disinfection is used, no harmful substances are produced in the process, no secondary pollution to the environment, and no harm to the human body.

4.Timing disinfection function: The machine can set the start and end times of disinfection according to different environments, and work automatically every day, saving time and effort.

5.Plasma disinfection: A unique plasma electrostatic field is used to decompose and destroy negatively charged bacteria to meet the disinfection requirements.

6.Negative ion purification: Produce negative ions to purify the dust, odor, bacteria and germs in the air. It uses negative ions to actively purify harmful substances in the air.

7.Stable performance: It adopts well-known single-chip microcomputer control, with anti-interference and stable performance.

8.Wind direction: Adopts automatic wind swing design, which can control wind direction from multiple angles.

9.Three-block wind speed: Free choice of high, medium and low wind speed.

10.Time display: real-time time can be displayed. 


Model STA-WM800 STA-WM1000
Installation method Wall-mounted Wall-mounted
Dimensions (mm) 1010*330*220 1100*330*220
Rated air volume (m³/h) 800 1000
Applicable volume (m³) 80 100
power supply AC220V 50Hz AC220V 50Hz
Power (W) 65 70
Negative ion concentration (pcs/cm3) ≥10×106 ≥10×106
Natural bacteria extinction rate ≥90% ≥90%
Staphylococcus albus killing rate ≥99.9% ≥99.9%
Plasma intensity (KV) ≥6.5 ≥6.5

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