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Soil Nutrient Speed Tester; BSN Series

  1. Soil Nutrient Stability: Absorbency of light drift<0.003
  2. Soil Nutrient Repeatability: Absorbency of light<0.005
  3. pH Testing range: 1-14
  4. pH Error: ±0.1
  5. Soil moisture Accuracy: ±2%
  6. Soil moisture Moisture content rate testing range: 0-100%

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  1. Quickly test the N, P, K, organic matter, salinity, and pH in soil
  2. With the function of time display, can automatically record and save the time of tested sample.
  3. Large capacity storage (time, place, fertilizers), datum can be checked at any time
  4. Print testing date, sample number, sample items, sample contents, variety and so on
  5. Big-screen LCD shows, and will guide you how to operate.
  6. Can set crop variety, crop yield, fertilizer variety, and automatically count the fertilizing amount.
  7. The reagent included: low requirement to the storage condition, last longer, and low test cost


Model Function
BSN-6A 1. Test N,P,K, organic matter, soil pH, soil salinity;

2. with storage function;

3. built-in the amount of nutrients needed for growth of 73 kinds of crops, can provide guidance for fertilizing amount according to needs;

4. with printing function

BSN-6PC Based on BSN-6A, with a software, be able to connect to computer for data storage
BSN-7PC  On the basis of BSN-6PC, but add one more parameter: soil moisture.


Soil Nutrient technical parameter


Stability Absorbency of light drift<0.003
Repeatability Absorbency of light<0.005
Linearity errors red light for Copper sulfate, and blue light forpotassium bichromate  < 3.0%


Sensitivity Red light≥4.5×10-5


Blue light≥3.17*10-3
Wavelength range Red light 620±5nm
Blue light440±5nm
Anti-Knocking performance Qualified
pH technical parameter Testing range 1-14
Error ±0.1
Soil moisture technical parameter (BSN-7PC) Moisture unit % (m³/m³)
Accuracy ±2%
Moisture content rate testing range 0-100%
Instrument technical parameter Display mode LCD display
Interface USB
Working environment  0~40℃ 35~85%RH
Alternating current (AC) 110V-240V, 50Hz
Adapter 12V/9.8AH
Size 330*282*107mm

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