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TOC / Total Organic Carbon Analyzer, TOC-M5000

  1. Detector:NDIR
  2. Parameters:TC,TIC,TOC,NPOC
  3. Gas Requirement:Oxygen >99.995%
  4. Measurement Range: 0-50000mg/L
  5. Method:High temperature combustion

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TOC-M5000 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer is a laboratory water quality analyzer with a very high degree of automation.It can automatically dilute, automatically purge, and automatically add acid, and can be applied to the test of high salt samples.

  • High-performance processor, ensuring stable and reliable system running.
  • Modular design, simplifying device operation and maintenance.
  • Imported NDIR detector, guaranteeing higher sensitivity and stability.
  • PID temperature controlling technology, reaching higher accuracy.
  • Precise gas flow control technology improves accuracy.
  • Unique three-stage dehydration technology improves drying efficiency.
  • Automatic sample dilution, acid-adding and purging.
  • Unique liquid path and flow control system extend the service life of catalyst.
  • Real-time monitoring of diluted water and waste water.
  • Multi-functional PC software
  • Personalized standard curve management provides great convenience for users.
  • Consumables management reminds users to replace consumables in time.
  • 680°C catalytic oxidation technology with Platinum catalyst, especially for seawater test.
  • Optional 20-position autosampler saves 80% time and energy.


Model TOC-M5000
Method High temperature combustion
Detector NDIR
Parameters TC,TIC,TOC,NPOC
Operation Mode PC software controlled
Application Liquid sample
Gas Requirement Oxygen >99.995%
Measurement Range 0-50000mg/L
Electricity AC 220 V/AC 110 V, 50/60Hz, 1kW
N.W./G.W 46/64kg
Product Dimension(L*W*H) 450*500*480
Shipping Dimension(L*W*H) 780*710*610

55*26*55(accessory box)

Software introduction

Standard Curve ♦All detailed sample and measurement info would be displayed clearly.
♦Automatically append measurements to meet RSD or SD limits.
♦Real-time display of peak shape, easy to make comparisons.
Sample Measurement ♦Quick setting of measurement mode and ID info.
♦Real-time monitoring of temperature and airflow, an alarm is initiated when exception occurs.
♦Real-time display of measurement data and peak shape.
Consumables Management ♦Available to set and check the service life and service condition of consumables.
♦Timely reminding users to replace consumables.
Measurement Record ♦Easy to retrieve sample info, measurement data and peak shape. Measurement report can be exported in Excel or PDF format.
♦Test report under Single-sample or Multi-sample mode can be selected flexibly to meet different requirements.

Software introduction

Multi-channel rotary valve system ♦Quantitative pump ensures precision injection volume.
♦Single-point dilution, quick and convenient.
♦Wide sample measurement range, max. automatic dilution ratio 100.
High temperature pyrolysis module ♦Pyrolysis temperature can be set as required.
♦Precision temperature control system, the highest temperature 1000°C.
IC Reaction Module ♦Complete IC digestion by acid-adding and heating.
♦Electronic cooling system, filter and membrane dryer effectively remove water vapor
NDIR Detector ♦Imported light source, detector and special gas chamber.
♦Stable results, lower noise, wider detection range and faster speed.
♦A constant temperature environment ensures high stability and accuracy.



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