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Ultrasound Machine, Color Doppler, US-C50P

  • Laptop Type
  • High resolution medical 15.6 inch display
  • The display is adjustable from 0 to 30°
  • Hard disk dynamic and static imagestorage, real-time sharing
  • Spectrum envelope function

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US-C50P equipped with a high-resolution medical display, adopts multi-beam parallel technology and sub-array element transducers, and its superior image clarity perfectly meets the needs of women’s health care. At the same time,US-C50P relies on the realistic RealSkin 5D ultrasound technology and abundant measurement packages to better protect women’s health.


1. Brilliant Ergonomics

High resolution 15.6″ LED with tilting functionality.

User-friendly keyboard and controls

2. Excellent Image Quality

Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) enhancing contrast resolution.

Quick image optimization by IP (Image Processing).

8-segment TGC allowing delicate image adjustment.

3. Powerful Workflow

One-Key-Save, user-defined keys bringing great efficiency in your daily diagnosis.

4. Clinical Versatility

7 probes with abundant measurement packages covering traditional ultrasound applications and emerging fields such as urology, MSK and anesthesia.


1.Product Name: Color Ultrasonic Diagnostic Appartatus
1.1 Structure Type: Portable
2. Application:

For Abdominal, OB&GYN ,Cardiac, Urinary, Small Parts, Superficial, Vascular, Pediatrics (neonatal), MSK, Physical examination and other aspects of examination and diagnosis.

3.Summary of the main specifications and system:
3.1 Ultrasonic host operating system: Windows 8 operating system

3.2 Spectrum pulse doppler

3.3 Direction energy doppler

3.4 Real time three synchronization

3.5 Space composite imaging

3.6 Organized harmonic imaging

3.7 2B/4B mode

3.8 Language:CN/EN/FR/SP/RU

3.9 Monitor:15 inches, high definition medical LED display

3.10 Display 0-30°adjustable

3.11 Physical clipboard: save the image on the left side of the screen, which can be directly saved or deleted.

3.12 System is upgradable

3.13 Presetting:For different inspections, preset inspection conditions for optimized images, reduce adjustments during operation, and commonly required external adjustments and combined adjustments

3.14 Support real-time 3D function

3.15 Two active probe connectors

3.16 Support Trapezoidal imaging

4. Probe Frequency:
4.1 Convex Probe: 5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/H4.0MHz/H5.0MHz,(Depth 20-317MM)

4.2 Linear Probe:0MHz/7.5MHz/8.5MHz/10.0MHz/H10.0MHz,(Depth 20-110MM)

4.3 Transvaginal probe:5MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/9.0MHz/H8.0MHz,(Depth 30-111MM)

4.4 Phased Array probe: 2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/H3.0MHz/H4.0MHz,(Depth 30-371MM) 4D Volume probe:0MHz/3.0MHz/4.5MHz/6.0MHz/H5.0MHz,(Depth 30-237MM)

4.5 Micro convex probe(R15):0MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/8.0MHz/H8.0MHz,(Depth 30-111MM)

4.6 Micro convex probe(R20):5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/H4.0MHz/H5.0MHz,(Depth 30-23.7MM)

All the probes aboved has harmonic frequency

Under each probe, there is a selection of specialties and organ modes to quickly enter the test.

5. B mode:
5.1 Gain: 0-100, step 1 visible adjustable

5.2 TGC:8 Segment Adjustable

5.3 Dynamic Range:20-280dB 20 level visual adjustable

5.4 Pseudo color:≥12 level,visual adjustable

5.5 Sound power:5%-100%,Step 5%,visual adjustable

5.6 Body mark 6 kinds

5.7 Focus:4 Focus,can be moved during the whole process

5.8 Grey Scale:0-7 level, visual adjustable

5.9 Filtering:5 kinds

5.10 Scan range:50%-100%

5.11 Frame:0-4 level,visual adjustable

5.12 The screen has 14 forms of real time display of voice power, probe frequency, dynamic range, pseudo color, grayscale and so on

5.13 Line density: high, medium, and low

6. Color Doppler Mode:
6.1  Color deflection: equipped with

6.2  Color frame correlation 12 levels, visible and adjustable

6.3 Color map: 7, visible and adjustable

6.4 Color reversal: adjustable

6.5 B/C split screen synchronous display function: equipped with

6.6 Color Baseline:11 level,visual adjustable

6.7 Color line density: adjustable

7. Spectrum Doppler mode:
7.1 Sample volume angle correction: -80°to 80° adjustable

7.2 Sample volume: 0.5mm-20mm visual adjustable

7.3 Frequency:5 kinds,visual adjustable

7.4 Baseline:8 level adjustable

7.5 Smooth:8 level adjustable

7.6 Display layout:4 kinds, visual adjustable

7.7 Pseudo Color:6 kinds adjustable

7.8 Speed Scale:3-2288cm/s

7.9 Spectrum envelope function: real time automatic spectrum envelope, manual spectrum envelope, and so on. System automatic analysis and display: PSV, EDV, RI, PI, S/D, ACC, HR and other kinds of data

8. 3D Mode
8.1 Fast angle: support 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° rotation of the 3D window image;

8.2 Display model:one image、two images、four images

8.3 Reconstruction modes: RealSkin, surface, Max, Min, XRax;

8.4 Pseudo Color:0-7 Levels Adjustable

8.5 Image magnification: 5 levels

8.6 Contrast:0%-100%;

8.7 Threshold:0%-100%

8.8 Smooth:0-3 Adjustable

8.9 Image Rotation:X/Y/Z Axis

8.10 Brightness:0%-100%

9. 4D Mode
9.1 Fast angle: support 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° rotation of the 3D window image;

9.2 Display model:one image、two images、four images

9.3 Reconstruction modes: RealSkin, surface, Max, Min, XRax;

9.4 Pseudo Color:0-7 Levels Adjustable

9.5 Image magnification: 5 levels

9.6 Contrast:0%-100%;

9.7 Threshold:0%-100%

9.8 Smooth:0-3 Adjustable

9.9 Image Rotation:X/Y/Z Axis;

9.10 Line Density: 2 levels adjustable;

10. Measurement and analysis function:
10.1 General measurement distance, area, angle, time, slope, heart rate, velocity, acceleration, neck hyaline layer, spectrum tracing, resistance index / plasticity index, etc.

10.2 OB Measurement:Weight measurement formula 13 options

10.3 The color and line type of the measuring line can be adjusted at will (including activating the color and completing the color).

10.4 Measurement results show that the location and font size can be adjusted according to needs.

10.5 Professional Software package:ABD, OB&GYN, Urology and etc.

11. Images and reports management system:
11.1 Built-in 128G SSD, fast and stable

11.2 Video playback:600 frames

11.3 Internal patient file information management system: can record patient number, name, check number, check date and so on, and can be searched and managed by numbering, checking number, name and so on

11.4 Report type:17 kinds

11.5 One key to manage images and reports

11.6  Images save format: BMP DICOM, JPEG, DEFAUIT

12. Interface:

USB Port: 2, Audio Port:1, LAN Port:2, HDMI Port:1,DP Port:1

13. Configuration:

13.1 Portable Color Ultrasonic Diagnostic Apparatus 1 Set

13.2 Probes :Convex Probe(Standard)、Linear Probe(Optional)、Micro-convex Probe(R20) (Optional)、Phased array Probe(Optional)、Transvaginal Probe(Optional)、4D Volume Probe (Optional)

13.3 Video Printer(Optional)、Trolley(Optional)


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