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Vacuum Controller, VACC4000

  • Measuring Range: 0~800mmHg, 0~1066 hPa (mbar)
  • Control Range: 1~760mmHg, 1~1013hPa/mbar
  • Caliber: φ8mm

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Vacuum controller with excellent vacuum control, connected with rotary evaporator, etc., can control the internal vacuum of rotary evaporator,thereby improving the recovery rate of low boiling point reagents such as methylene dichloride, benzene, trichloroethane, ethanol;It is also possible to replace the inert gas, so that the interior will not be oxidized and polluted when concentrated under reduced pressure.

  • Adopts imported key accessories, with high control precision, corrosion resistance and long service life of the valve.
  • The large touch-type color LCD screen can display the detected and setting vacuum degree, and at the same time, the vacuum degree can be adjusted directly on the LCD screen.
  • The knob-type button can adjust the vacuum degree, which is convenient to use;
  • The intake valve adopts a filter device to avoid reagent contamination;
  • Inert gas can be supplied according to requirements to keep the sample free from oxidation and contamination.
  • It can automatic program control,when synthesis of chromatography and vacuum distillation, to gradually control the vacuum degree(gradient control needs to another software).
  • It can automatically carry out program control, and can gradually control the vacuum degree during the synthesis experiment chromatography vacuum distillation and the step-by-step extraction of reagents (Gradient control needs to another software).


Model VACC4000
Measuring Range 0~800mmHg, 0~1066 hPa (mbar)
Control Range 1~760mmHg ,1~1013hPa/mbar
Control Accuracy 2mbar
Display Touch LCD Screen
Display Content Pressure measurement value

Pressure setting value

Caliber φ8mm
Ambient Temperature 5~45°C
Electricity 220V/50Hz
N.W./G.W. 1.5kg/5.5kg
External Dimensions (W*D*H) 200*150*100mm
Shipping Dimensions(W*D*H) 410*410*300mm


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