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Vein finder, VF-F31

  • Development mode: DLP in situ projection
  • Maximum sounding depth: ≥6mm
  • Normal mode, child mode, reverse color mode
  • Support: desktop (standard)/floor (optional)


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  • Hand held, light and portable
  • Observe the venous conditions of patients in advance to

ensure the effectiveness of venipuncture.

Working principle

According to the principle that the absorption rate of near-infrared light of deoxyhemoglobin in venous blood is different from that of other tissues, the subcutaneous blood vessels are projected on the skin surface in situ by a series of means, such as infrared back light scattering image collection micro projection technology. In order to achieve a clear display of subcutaneous blood vessels.


Development mode DLP in situ projection, no laser
Maximum sounding depth ≥6mm
Infrared wavelengths  850NM
Rated power 25VA
Standby time ≥ 180min
Charging time 3h (Shutdown state)
Image resolution  824X480
Brightness projection 1W  20 Lumens(The adjustable)
The adjustable ≤0.2mm
Optimum imaging distance 200MM-250MM
Weight 0.69KG
Volume 22.3cm*12.3cm*4.4cm
Projection color White light, green light, red light, three colors can be switched
Working mode Normal mode, child mode, reverse color mode
Function Depth recognition (three kinds of depth cue), brightness adjustment
Processor Inter ® Atom
Run time environment WIN8.1operating system
Frame frequency 30 Frames per second
Support desktop (standard)/floor (optional)


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