About Infitek

Founded in 2010, Infitek is a professional manufacturer driven by innovation and service in laboratory and Medical field, whose brands include Infitek, and Sunoom, our company is certified by ISO9001, ISO13485 and Intellectual Property Management System.

In addition to providing our self-produced products, we also provide customers with purchasing and inspection services in whole China market. We provide fully after-sales service to the products running through us.

We have 18 factories in form of self-establishment, holding or equity participation. Each of our facilities have more than 10 years of experienced R&D personnel to ensure the continuous improvement of product quality. In order to ensure processing accuracy, we use internationally renowned sheet metal processing equipment and CNC machine tools, such as DMG MORI and AMADA. The whole production process is strictly implemented in accordance with industry standards. All accessories, metal processing, assembly and inspection work are completed by highly trained and responsible employees.

To guarantee the performance of the finished product, each product line has set up an independent testing room.


Unite and empower customers, make scientific experiments and technological innovation simpler and more efficient, continuously improve the quality of life, and create infinite possibilities for the sustainable development of the world.


Become one of the top ten scientific service platforms in the world.
Within 10 years, we will make our contribution to the improvement of the intelligence, accuracy, safety and convenience of 180 national laboratories, establish a relatively complete value creation network in more than 50 countries, support partners in more than 20 countries to build localized factories, and initially set up a global service platform and a transnational technology investment platform in the industry.


Grow together with partners
Embrace change
Equality and trust
Simplicity, honesty and trustworthiness
Passion and responsibility


ISO 13458

ISO 13458

FDA Certification8

FDA Certification

Refrigerator & Freezer certification

Refrigerator & Freezer

Spectrophotometer Certification6


Drying Oven Certification6

Drying Oven

Magnetic Stirrer Certification

Magnetic Stirrer

pH Meter Certification

pH Meter

Centrifuge Certification


Biological Safety Cabinet Certification

Biological Safety Cabinet

Freeze Dryer Certification6

Freeze Dryer

Fume Hood Certification6

Laminar Flow Cabinet

Liquid Nitrogen Tank Certification6

Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Water Bath Certification

Water Bath

Balance Certification


Microscope Certification6


Muffle Furnace Certification6

Muffle Furnace

Autoclave Certification


Incubator Certification6


Hotplate Certification6


Tissue Processor Certification

Tissue Processor

Microplate Reader Certification

Microplate Reader

Glassware Washer Certification

Glassware Washer

Shaker Certification


Pipette Certification


TOC Analyzer

TOC Analyzer

Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor Certification

Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor

Rotary Evaporator Certification

Rotary Evaporator

Anaerobic Incubator Certification

Anaerobic Incubator

Thermo Sealer Certification

Thermo Sealer

Microwave Digester Certification

Microwave Digester

Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer Certification

Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

Microtome Certification


Water purifier certification

Water Purifier

Electrophoretic imaging Certification6

Electrophoresis & Imaging

Hematology Analyzer IEC

Hematology Analyzer

Autoclave IEC


Refrigerator Freezer IEC

Refrigerator & Freezer

Freeze Dryer IEC

Freeze Dryer

Incubator IEC


Drying Oven

Drying Oven



Centrifuge IEC


Centrifuge IEC 1


Water Purifier IEC

Water Purifier

Company Certificates