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Aluminum Alloy trolley Stretcher for Ambulance Car, AS-193-56

  1. Approved by clinic practice
  2. One medical staff can push the trolley onto the ambulance or send to ward
  3. Maximum size (L×W×H):192×54×84cm
  4. Minimum size (L×W×H):192×54×26cm

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1. The cot is made of soft sponge mattress, which makes patients feel more comfortable. One medical staff can push the trolley onto the ambulance or send to ward.
2. If two persons want to adjust it to be lower position, they can pull out the handles at the both ends of the stretcher simultaneously,then the stretcher’s height will be automatically lower down; if want to be lower, then do as the same. NOTE: it must be used simultaneously.
3. Before getting onto the ambulance car, only one person can control the stretcher. One person must stand on the left of the stretcher, and then pull the handle controller, the right legs of the stretcher will bend down, and it will get onto the stretcher.
3. When you arrive at destination, pulling out the safety handle, the stretcher’s legs will unfold automatically.
4. There are the return elastic lock device at both side of the stretcher & the legs parts. Lock tightly when turn up for patient safety, turn down for patients out.
5. Pressing the button under the stretcher, the head part will be raised or lowered.

Applied for:
Approved by clinic practice, this item is suitable for ambulance, hospital battlefield, gym, etc. to carry the wounded & patients. It allows one person to perform retrieval

1. When carrying patients with this stretcher, be sure lock tightly the fender locking device & fasten the safety belt for safety.
2. During general operation, be careful and avoid the stretcher surface scraped

1. Keep clean as routine (incl. sterilization).
2. Often check if any parts loose or not.

Storage & transportation:
1. Store this product in the place of damp proof & non-corrosion.
2. Common transporting vehicle can carry this product.
3. Keep the right side up during transportation & storage. Stack the goods as per the instructions printed on the package.


Maximum size (L×W×H) 192×54×84cm
Minimum size (L×W×H) 192×54×26cm
Maximum angle of leaning forward  11°
Maximum angle of leaning backforward  25°
6 grades height 98cm 94cm 87cm 77cm 60cm 34cm
Net weight  35kg
Gross weight  40kg
Load bearing ≤200kg


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