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Gas Chromatograph, GC-900

  1. Detector: FID, TCD, FPD
  2. Temp control area: 7-way
  3. 20 steps of procedure temperature rising
  4. Temp control range: RT +5℃~450℃
  5. Speed ratio of range rising: 0.1-40℃/min

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GC-900 gas chromatograph is a popular and high-performance multi-functional series of chromatographic instruments. FID, TCD and FPD detectors can be combined at will to meet the needs of ordinary laboratories, daily production, routine testing and trace, Trace analysis requirements.
It can be widely used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, environment, food safety, disease control and teaching and research.

1. Operation display: 4.3 inch color LCD + resistive touch screen
2. Temperature control area: 7-way
3. Temperature control range: RT +5℃~450℃, increment: 1℃, accuracy: ±0.1
4. Step number of procedure temperature rising:20 steps
5. Speed ratio of range rising: 0.1 ~ 40 ℃ / min
6. Gas circuit control: mechanical valve control mode; Electronic pressure and flow gas circuit system (optional)
7. Injection method: packed column, capillary, gas injection with six-port valve, automatic headspace injection, etc.
8. Number of detectors: three, FID, TCD, FPD (optional)
9. Start sample injection: manual, automatic optional
10. Communication interface: Ethernet, serial port, USB interface


Detector Sensitivity / Detection Limit Drift (30min) linearity
Hydrogen flame FID DFID≤3×10-11g/s (N-hexadecane/Isooctane)  ≤0.2mv >107
Thermal conductivity cell   TCD S≥ (Benzene / Toluene) ≤ 20uv >105

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