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Microvolume UV/ VIS (Nano) Spectrophotometer, SP-MUV1000, SP-MUV1000F

  1. Automatic calibration Function
  2. Wavelength range: 190-850nm
  3. Sample capacity: 0. 5-2μl
  4. No need for computer connection

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Micro Volume Spectrophotometer

1. 7-inch high-definition capacitive touch screen, no need for computer connection, and it can be detected by a single machine.
2. Detection wavelength range: 190-850nm
3. Only 0.5—2μL sample is required for base measurement, and dilution is not required even for high concentration samples.
4. It has an OD600 optical path detection system and a cuvette mode, which is convenient for the detection of the concentration of bacteria, microorganisms and other culture solutions.
5. The closing of the detection arm can be detected automatically.
6. It has an extremely fast detection speed and can be detected at any time. The measurement of each sample is completed in a short period of time.
7. The sample does not need to be diluted, and the concentration range of the measurable sample is more than 100 times that of a conventional ultraviolet-visible photometer.
8. Easy-to-use data printing function, print reports directly through the built-in printer.
9. The service life of the xenon flash lamp can reach 1 billion times (up to 10 years). It can be used directly without preheating and can be tested at any time. No other consumables are required.
10. 100,000 pieces of data can be stored in each subdirectory.
11. The lowest detection limit in fluorometer mode can reach 0.5pg/μL (only for SP-MUV1000F).


Model SP-MUV1000 SP-MUV1000F
Wavelength range 190-850nm 190-850nm
Sample capacity 0. 5-2u I 0. 5-2ul
Optical distance 0. 05mmx 0. 2mm、 1.0mm  (automatic switchover) 0. 05mmx 0. 2mm、 1.0mm
(automatic switchover )
Light source/life Xenon lamp/109 times Xenon lamp/109 times
Detector 2048 element linear CCD array 2048 element linear CCD array
Spectral bandwidth 2nm 2nm
Absorbed light accuracy 0. 003Abs 0.003Abs
Absorbance accuracy ±1% (7. 332Abs at 260nm) ±1% (7. 332Abs at 260nm)
Absorbance range (Equivalent to 10mm) 0.04-300A (Equivalent to 10mm) 0.04-300A
Nucleic acid concentration range 2ng/ μ L dsDNA~ 2ng/ μ L dsDNA~
15000ng/ μ L 15000ng/ μ L
Detection time ≤5 s ≤5 s
OD600 Absorbance range 0~4. 000 Abs 0~4. 000 Abs
Absorbance stability [0,3 )≤0. 5%, [0,3 )≤0. 5%,
[3,4) ≤1% [3,4) ≤1%
Absorbance repeatability [0,3 )≤0. 5%, [0,3 )≤0. 5%,
[3,4) ≤1% [3,4) ≤1%
Absorbance accuracy [0,3)< 0.005A+1%; [3 ,4) ≤2% [0,3)< 0.005A+1%; [3 ,4) ≤2%
Fluorescence detection / Excitation wavelength: 460nm
Emission wavelength: 525nm
Fluorescence detection Linearity / R2>0. 995
Repeatability / <1.5%
Stability / <1.5%
Print Built-in thermal printer Built-in thermal printer
Data output mode USB USB
Material of sample base Quartz optical fiber and high hard aluminum Quartz optical fiber and high hard aluminum
Input voltage VAC 100-240V ; VDC 24V 2A VAC 100-240V; VDC 24V 2A
Power <15W (Standby: 5W) <15W (Standby: 5W)
Dimensions(W*D*H) 208*290*180mm 208*290*180mm
Weight 3.2 kg  3.2 kg


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