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Portable Visible Spectrophotometer, SP-HVP-A4, SP-HVP-A4L

  1. Wavelength range: 400-780nm, 325nm-1100nm
  2. Spectral bandwidth: 5nm
  3. Optical system: Proportional double beam, optical path, holographic diffraction grating

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Portable visible spectrophotometer is small in appearance and powerful in function. It adopts true color touch screen and has humanized design, which makes the operation easier and meets the needs of different customers. It is widely used in teaching and daily analysis.

Luminosity measurement

  1. Photometric measurement: Test the absorbance, transmittance ( SP-HVP-A4) and energy of the sample at a fixed wavelength and measure the results at multiple arbitrary wavelengths at the same time
  2. Quantitative testing: Establish a standard curve for concentration testing ( SP-HVP-A4L)
  3. Pre-programmed programs: Stored programs are pre-programmed methods for reagents, test tube tests and pipette tests.
  4. User preset programs: User programs make “measurement analysis” possible: Users can program their own developed methods. The stored methods can be saved as user programs. The test can then be modified to suit the user’s requirements
  5. Frequently Used Procedures: User-selected list of common methods/tests


Spectral bandwidth 5nm 5nm
Wavelength range 400-780nm 325-1100nm
Optical system Proportional double beam optical path, holographic diffraction grating
Wavelength accuracy ±2.0nm                                   |                  ±1.8nm
 Wavelength repeatability ≤1nm
Wavelength setting Automatically set wavelength, wavelength resolution : 0.1nm
luminosity  range -0.602-4.0A 0-400%T
luminosity  accuracy ±0.002A (0-0.5A), ±0.004A (0.5-1A), ±0.8%T (0-100%T)
Luminosity repeatability ≤0.001A (0-0.5A), ≤0.002A (0.5-1A), ≤0.1%T (0-100%T)
Stray light 0.05%T (340nm)%T
Baseline drift (stability) ≤0.001A/h (500nm,0A)
Detector Dual imported silicon photodiodes
Light source LED Tungsten lamp (no optical debugging required)
Display screen 480*272,5-inch color touch screen
Printout Micro printer; PC printer (online use)
Power supply DC12V 3A
External dimensions (L*D*H) 290x200x120mm
package size(L*D*H) 390*310*240mm
rough weight (KG) 5


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