The difference between A2 and B2 of the Class 2 biological safety cabinets is that the exhaust airflow of the A2 type safety cabinet is discharged back to the room after high-efficiency filtration, and the exhaust airflow of the B2 type safety cabinet is discharged outdoors after high-efficiency filtration.

1. Since the two types of Class 2 biological safety cabinets are filtered and then exhausted, in terms of biological safety, there is not much difference between the two types of safety cabinets. A2 type is 30% efflux, 70% internal circulation; B2 type is 100% efflux, 0 internal circulation.

2. If your experimental object may escape radioactive gas, toxic and irritating gas, please choose B2 type safety cabinet, otherwise you can choose A2 type safety cabinet. Biological safety cabinets are used to protect the operator, the laboratory environment and experimental materials from exposure to the above-mentioned operations when operating infectious experimental materials such as primary cultures, bacterial strains, and diagnostic specimens. Designed for the possible generation of infectious aerosols and splashes. Biological safety cabinets are widely used in medical and health care, disease prevention and control, food hygiene, biopharmaceuticals, environmental monitoring, and various biological laboratories. They are an important basis for ensuring biological safety and environmental safety.

3. If you choose a B2 type safety cabinet, please ensure that the laboratory has enough ventilation, otherwise it will cause the safety cabinet to inhale the wind speed too low, cause an alarm and seriously reduce its biological safety.

4. If the selected B2 biological safety cabinet is used in midsummer or severe winter, due to its large air exchange rate, a large amount of outdoor air will flow into the room, which may cause the laboratory environment to be too hot or cold. Please fully consider this before choosing One situation.