On December 17th, the Infitek team went to Saudi Arabia for seven days of product installation, debugging, after-sales training and other services, and customer visits.
product installation6

At around 10 a.m. on December 18th, the Infitek team successfully arrived in Saudi Arabia and headed to the first stop of the trip to provide customers with product installation, commissioning, and training. The products installed and debugged this time include Calorimeter, Fat Analyzer, Fiber Analyzer, Kjeldahl Nitrogen System, etc. Relevant product training and support have been provided simultaneously. The full-process operation of a series of specific experiments makes users more confident in the quality and performance of the product and also makes the training effect more significant.

product installation7

Through this after-sales service, both parties have a deeper understanding. We have a more intuitive understanding of the user’s usage scenarios, users, and experimental conditions, which provides strong support for better customer service in the future. At the same time, it also allows customers to have a more personal perception of Infitek’s product quality, service level, and brand credibility. The customers gave high praise for this visit.

In addition, we also visited relevant partners in Saudi Arabia and expressed a warm welcome to our arriving partners. The two parties agreed on the next cooperation model and strategic planning. We have provided comprehensive answers to our partners regarding Infitek’s product quality, advantages, and broad market prospects. We have won unanimous praise from our partners with our positive, sincere, and serious service attitude.
visit customers6

This trip to Saudi Arabia has laid a good foundation for future all-round, multi-level, and in-depth cooperation between Infitek and Saudi partners. We will continue to be customer-centric and innovation-driven to build a more professional, innovative, and advanced scientific and technological team to help the development of science and technology continue to move forward.