Laboratory Water Purification Eqiupment

Laboratory Water Purification Eqiupment

High-quality water is the most important part of a successful laboratory experiment, and our laboratory water purification system provides an important source of pure, continuous and alternative water for thouthands of laboratory experiments and research . The reliability of Infitek water purification system is rooted in our years of industry experience, manufactured with high-quality materials and leading technology, providing you with high-quality distilled water, pure water and ultrapure water.

Deionized Water Purifier 01

Deionized Water Purifier

  • Water Outlet: 2PCS. for RO water, Dl water
  • Water Yield (25°C): 5-150 L/H
  • Resistivity: 10-18.2 MΩ.cm@25℃

Ultra-pure Water Purifier

  • Water Outlet: 2PCS. for DI pure water and Ultra pure water
  • Water Yield (25°C): 10-120 L/H
  • Resistivity: up to 18.25MΩ.cm@25°C for Ultra pure water, 10 to 16 MΩ. cm@25 ℃ for DI water
  • The Lowest TOC: <3 ppb
  • The Lowest Pyrogen: <0.001EU/ml
Ultra-pure-Water-Purifier 01

Stainless Steel Water Distiller

  • Type: Water Control type, Re-distilled type, Double tower type etc.
  • Water output: 5-600 L/h
  • High quality stainless steel water distiller, Electric heating

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