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Air Sampler/ Planktonic Bacteria Sampler, PTS-6FT

  1. porous inhalation microbial collector
  2. Sampling flow rate: Three-gear design, customizable sampling volume
  3. Petri dish specification(mm): 90*15

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Planktonic bacteria sampler is a highly efficient porous inhalation microbial collector.It is designed according to isokinetic sampling theory. The sampling is direct, and the wind speed at the collection port is basically consistent with the wind speed in the clean room, which accurately reflects the concentration of microorganisms in the clean room. During sampling, the air with dust and bacteria passes through the micropores at high speed and is evenly impacted on the surface of the agar in the petri dish;This greatly improves the collection efficiency of active particles that comply with the new GMP/ISO14698-1 standard. The system design optimizes the impact speed and ensures biological efficiency.

The instrument is controlled by a computer board and has a low-noise pump for sampling, so the operation is simple and the performance is stable. The collection head is made of 316L stainless steel, which can be sterilized in various ways.

Product performance

1. 100L/min sampling volume
2. AC and DC dual purpose
3. Three-gear design, customizable sampling volume
4. Setting range of sampling volume  10~9999L
5. Specification of the sampling dish is 90mm×15mm.

Product characteristics

1. The maximum sampling volume can reach 9999L;
2. The impact rate of the sampling head is about 10.8m/s, which ensures that particles larger than 1μm can be captured.
3. Porous sampling head, using standard ɸ90mm*15mm agar petri dish


Model PTS-6FT
Sampling flow rate Three-gear design, customizable sampling volume
Sampling volume(L) 10—9999
Sampling delay(s) 1~60
Petri dish specification(mm) 90*15
Display screen High-brightness LCD
Sampling velocity(m/s) ≥0.4
Working power supply  Lithium battery:16.8V 8.8Ah, Power: 20W
Working time It can work continuously for 6 hours
External dimension(mm) 220×240×160
Weight(kg) 6
Material SUS 316
Working environment Temperature :0–50℃, Humidity:10—90%


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