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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, SP-IAA1800H

  • Flame method, graphite furnace method, hydride generation-atomic absorption method
  • High precision fully automatic optical system
  • Polymer atomizing chamber
  • Titanium burner

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SP-IAA1800H atomic absorption spectrometer is widely used in scientific research, quality inspection, disease control, environmental protection, metallurgy, agriculture, forestry, chemical industry and other industries, innovative software and hardware design to ensure the accuracy of the sample analysis, safety, ease of use, simple and convenient instrument maintenance.


  • High precision fully automatic optical system

Large area grate with 1800 lines/mm dispersion rate, novel self-collimating monochromator, all lense are Shi Ying coated, wide detection range and optical stability ensure that accuracy of analysis. Automatic 6 lamp holder equipped with 6 independent lamp power supply, can respectively preheating.

  • Polymer atomizing chamber

High-molecular material anti-corrosion atomization chamber, acid and alkali resistant, including hydrofluoric acid, whether organic or inorganic solution can get better sensitivity and stability.

  • Titanium burner

Titanium burner, optional 50mm and 100mm burner, air cooling pre mixed type, corrosion resistance, high salt resistance, greatly improve the efficiency of the flame and flame analysis accuracy.

  • Fully automated analysis

It can automatically complete safe ignition, extinguishing and switching, with reliable structure and low failure rate, thus ensuring the sensitivity and repeatability of the flame method;The light source system automatically switches the six-lamp-position platform, can directly use the high-performance hollow cathode lamp, improves the sensitivity of flame analysis, automatically adjusts the power supply parameters and the beam position, and fully automatically scans and searches for the wave crest.

  • Graphite furnace temperature control

Double temperature control of internal and external air, 20-order linear or nonlinear temperature rise, to ensure that the elements to be tested have good sensitivity; Enrichment and concentration were carried out for 20 times in the furnace. The inner wall temperature of the graphite tube was monitored by longitudinal light control, and the maximum temperature could be increased to 3000 C/s.

  • High technology index

The element test sensitivity of SP-IAA1800H atomic absorption spectrometer reaches the advanced level in the industry, with the sensitivity ≤0.015 µ g/mL/1%; Baseline drift less than 0.003Abs/30m with better stability than 0.005Abs/4h.

  • Background correction system

The deuterium hollow cathode lamp and the self-absorption button background are adopted for background correction, so that the interference of molecular absorption in the determination of low content is eliminated, the emission noise of the deuterium lamp is reduced, the service life is prolonged, and the deuterium hollow cathode lamp has good stability. When the background signal of deuterium lamp is 1A, the background subtraction ability is > 50 times.

  • Intelligent analysis

Intelligence is very strong, humanized design, flame and graphite furnace atomization device automatic switching, graphite furnace atomization device automatic optimization, automatic setting to adjust the flame height, automatic ignition, automatic optimization of horizontal position, the system automatically set the gas flow. In case of power outage, misoperation, acetylene leakage, etc., the system will automatically start the safety protection function;

  • Automatic sampler

Integrated with graphite furnace, high-precision injector was used, and the minimum volume of sample could be 0.5 µL. The intelligent online dilution and concentration function was realized.


Main engine

Model SP-IAA1800H
Light source Single-element or multi-element hollow cathode lamp
Lamp holder Automatic switching of six-lamp platform and full-automatic collimation
Lamp current Pulse power supply
Optical system Large area 1800 /mm reticle grating, fully enclosed optical system
Wavelength range 190-900nm, automatic peak finding, one-button optical optimization
Wavelength accuracy ≤0.15nm
Wavelength repeatability ±0.1nm
Spectral Bandwidth 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 1.0, 2.0nm Auto Set
Baseline drift Static ≤ 0.002 A/30 min, dynamic ≤ 0.005 A/30 min
Absorbance range 0-4A
Detector imported photomultiplier tube

Flame system

Burner head All titanium burner head, 50mm or 100mm universal burner head
Atomizing chamber Macromolecule anti-explosion and anti-corrosion atomizing chamber
Nebulizer High-efficiency glass nebulizer, can also be customized
Ignition mode Microcomputer control, automatic ignition
Gas control Automatic gas control system
Characteristic concentration 0.015µg/mL/1%(Cu)
Detection limit 0.002µg/mL(Cu)
Precision RSD≤0.5%
Safety Multiple protection measures such as gas leakage alarm, automatic protection against tempering, and automatic power failure in case of abnormality

Graphite furnace system

Heating mode Longitudinal heating
Temperature control mode Longitudinal optical temperature control monitors the inner wall temperature of the graphite tube
Temperature range RT to 3000 c
Program temperature control Automatic temperature control up to 20 stages, enrichment and concentration in the furnace up to 20 times
Characteristic quantity 0.5 × 10–12g (CD)
Detection limit 0.4 × 10–12g (CD)
Precision RSD≤3%
Cooling water Optional cooling water circulation system
Safety Graphite tube damage, water flow, air pressure alarm; Water temperature overheat protection

Graphite furnace autosampler (optional)

Sample tray 130-position sample cup, 6-position reagent cup
Injection volume 0.01-100µl
Minimum increment 0.01µl
Injection volume repeatability 1%
Duplicate injections up to 99
Wash container volume 500mL

Background correction

Deuterium lamp background correction 1A background can be corrected
Self-priming background correction 1A background can be corrected

Data processing

Measurement methods Flame method, graphite furnace method, hydride generation-atomic absorption method
Calculation methods of concentration Standard curve method (cubic curve), automatic fitting, and standard addition method
Repeat measurement times 1–99 times, calculate the average value, and give the standard deviation and relative standard deviation
Result printing Parameter printing, data result printing, graphic printing, and word and excel documents can be exported


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