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Auto Titrator, TITR960 Series

  1. Mixed synchronous inlet system, expand up to 6 channels
  2. The most secure built-in burette
  3. Meet the demand of mult complex liquid inlet automatically
  4. Burette volume: 1ml/5ml/10ml/25ml (Optional)
  5. Can storage the database to the cloud server
  6. Can work with external 16-samples auto-sampler

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Mixed synchronous inlet system:

The world’s leading Mixed synchronous inlet system with 4-channel sample inleting simultaneously, and supports expand up to 6 channels. Totally automatic in adding titrant, any combination of additives or auxiliary agents.

Built-in burette:

The most secure built-in burette, which is built in the instrument and can be observed though the window during the test to avoid the harmless chemical leak. Burette volume is optional:1ml/5ml/10ml/25ml

Cloud Service:

With ethernet interface,it can store the database to the cloud server and lead the laboratory instruments to Cloud generation.

Titration platform diversification:

Flexible to work with independent titration stand or 16 auto-sampler, multi-tasking operating through 16 auto-sampler can be fully automated, and the whole process without staff to monitor, so the device has higher work efficiency.


Model TITR960 BASIC TITR960  Pro
Type potentiometric titration potentiometric titration, dead-stop titration
MV measuring range ±2000MV
MV measuring Resolution Resolution 0.1MV
Accuracy 0.1MV
pH measuring range -20.000PH~+20.000PH
pH measurement Resolution 0.001PH
Accuracy 0.003PH
Temperature measuring range -5~120℃
Temperature measuring accuracy ±0.1℃
Interface 2xUSB, RS232, Ethernet
Max titration station 4
Max liquid filling module 4
Burette 1ml, 5ml, 10ml, 25ml (Optional)
Burette resolution 1/15,0000
Time the burette charging 16 seconds (100% charging speed)
Auditing and Tracing yes
User ID classify 3 levels
PC control yes
Electrode connector type mv/pHmeasurement electrode connetor、reference electrode connector 、PT1000 temperature electrode connector mv/pHmeasurement electrode connetor、reference electrode connector 、PT1000 temperature electrode connector, polarized electrode connector
Sampler 1 position independent titration table in standard package, three kinds of auto sampler is optional: 16 position 100mL sampler; 12 position 250mL sampler; and 18 position 50mL sampler


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