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Automatic Glassware Washer, LWD-60

  • Small and exquisite, light in weight
  • Adopt microcomputer control system and color LCD screen
  • With safe door lock design

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The glassware washer is known as the laboratory bottle washing machine (hereinafter referred to as the cleaning machine), which is applicable to washing conventional glassware in the laboratories of pharmaceutical, food and chemical enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions, and testing institutions, such as test tube, beaker, flask, graduated cylinder, pipette, petri dish, sample injection bottle, and conical flask.


1. Product function

1.1 The automatic cleaning equipment uses high temperature and high pressure water to continuously spray the inner and outer surfaces of the vessels. It combines the role of cleaning fluid to clean the dirt inside and outside the utensils. And water intake, cleaning, drainage are completed automatically, without manual intervention;

1.2 Organic residues after cleaning <0.1mg/L, metal ion residues <0.02mg/L, provide the test report of the provincial inspection department on the cleaning effect and the electrical appliance safety inspection report of the provincial inspection department.

2. Structural design

2.1 It is small and exquisite, light in weight, and can be easily lifted by two people; it is convenient to install, and users can install it by themselves, without the need fora dedicated person to install it.

2.2 The equipment occupies a small area and is convenient to place. It can be placed on the laboratory bench or embedded in the laboratory bench for easy operation and suitable for placement in laboratories with tight space.

2.3 The shell is SUS304L stainless steel, and the cleaning chamber is SUS316L stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The cleaning chamber, the equipment shell and the door body have heat insulation and noise reduction layer, low noise, and more energy-saving.

2.4 A layer of cleaning rack can be placed in the cleaning chamber, which can be used at any time to wash at any time, and 120 test tubes or liquid-phase bottles can be cleaned in a single time.

2.5 Double water inlets at the bottom can be connected to tap water and pure water at the same time. The water inlet adopts a retracted design, which does not occupy the space behind the equipment and is convenient for equipment placement;The pure water pipe has a built-in booster pump, which can be directly connected to the pure water tank without additional boosting.

3. Control system

3.1 Adopt microcomputer control system and color LCD screen. And the design of the tilt angle of the operation screen conforms to the principle of ergonomics. It has button operation and is easy to operate.

3.2 The control screen has a full English operation interface, with English prompts for operation and alarms, simple operation, and three cleaning modes: fast, standard, and enhanced.The cleaning program eliminates the self-setting function, and the cleaning is more convenient.

3.3 The cleaning parameters can be set according to the needs, and the cleaning time, water temperature, cleaning fluid dosage, etc. can be set.

4. Cleaning system

4.1 The cleaning water pump is a professional European original imported circulating pump, which has large flushing force, cleaner cleaning and less water consumption. The single circulating water volume is about 10L.

4.2 The cleaning cabin adopts the water supply structure of parallel water supply and water inlet at the back, instead of the structure of water inlet at the top.The rear water supply, the cleaning rack is automatically coupled and connected,and there is no need to aim and dock. The connection is convenient, and it is not easy to be damaged.At the same time, the central top water pipe is eliminated, which is convenient for placing utensils.

4.3 The cleaning rack adopts the structure of water inlet in the back and water distribution in the central part.The central part divides water, and distributes the water evenly to each spray column to ensure that each spray column discharges water evenly and cleans the utensils uniformly.

4.4 The cleaning rack is elastically connected with the host, and the seal is better; the joint material is PTFE, which is corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and chemically more stable.

4.5 The spray columns of the cleaning rack are distributed in parallel instead of the radial distribution around the center. The purpose is to ensure that the distance between each spray column is consistent, effectively increasing the cleaning volume, and also more convenient for the placement of the utensils and the calculation of the cleaning volume.

4.6 The top and bottom of the cleaning chamber are equipped with rotating spray arms to clean the inner and outer surfaces of the vessels. The spray arms have three rotating arms, distributed in a fan shape, and spraying without dead ends.

4.7 The cleaning and heating power is 3KW, the heating speed is fast, the fastest heating rate can reach 5℃ per minute; the heating temperature is adjustable, and the maximum temperature is 93℃, which can reach the disinfection level.

4.8 The cleaning solution and neutralization solution are automatically added by two peristaltic pumps, and the added dosage can be set.

5. Safety protection

5.1 Safe door lock design, the door body is locked and cannot be opened during the cleaning process, preventing water spraying and scalding caused by misoperation;It has the function of emergency door opening, which can quickly open the door and take out the utensils after power failure.

5.2 It has complete protection functions, with alarm for lack of cleaning agent, door opening alarm, water overflow alarm, insufficient water inlet speed alarm, etc., with English prompts and alarm reminders.


Model LWD-60
Volume of cleaning chamber 90L
Dimension of the cleaning chamber (W×D×H) 470×462×422 mm
External dimensions (W×D×H) 529×648×650 mm
Electricity 220V/50Hz
Water cleaning power 0.25kW
Water heating power 3kW
Water temperature control RT~99℃
Organic residues after cleaning <0.1mg/L
Metal ion residues after cleaning <0.02mg/L
Configuration 1 cleaning rack, the cleaning rack can be selected according to needs.
Equipped with a barrel of imported cleaning liquid and a barrel of neutralizing liquid.
Package Dimension (W*D*H)(mm) 780*650*900


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