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Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer, KJA-T200E

  • Measuring range:0.1mgN-200mgN(Nitrogen content: 0.1%-99%)
  • Recovery rate: ≥99% (relative error, include digestion process)
  • Repetition rate: relative standard deviation<±1%
  • Distillation time: 5-15 minutes

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It adopts microcomputer control process, which can distill various samples such as food, feed, food, dairy products, beverage food, feed, etc. There are manual mode and automatic mode, which can be set and switched according to user needs


  • Large array LCD display, touch key, easy to operate;
  • Automatic distillation control, water addition, water level control, and automatic water stop;
  • Various security protections: digestive system security device, steam generator water shortage alarm, water level detection fault alarm.
  • Stored operation procedure quantity: 250
  • The shell of the instrument is made of special plastic-sprayed steel plate, and the working area is made of ABS anti-corrosion panel, which is resistant to chemical reagent corrosion and mechanical damage, and is resistant to acid and alkali.
  • Once detected fault, controlling system will power off automatically.
  • KJA-T200EAutomatic Kjeldahl Analyzer is generally used with Digestive Furnace KJD-T4E, KJD-T8E, KJD-T20E


Model KJA-T200E
Measuring range 0.1mgN-200mgN (Nitrogen content: 0.1%-99%)
Measurement variety Food stuff, feed stuff, foods, dairy products, drink, soil, water, medicine, precipitate and chemical.
Recovery rate ≥99%(relative error, include digestion process)
Repetition rate Relative standard deviation<±1%
Working mode Automatic and manual (without titration)
Storing data 250 datum
Working time Distillation time: 5-15 minutes; The user can set automatically according to different samples.
Cooling water consumption Distillation fraction: 3L /min(Water temperature is less than 20 ℃)
Voltage AC 220V, 50Hz
Electricity of distillation fraction 1000W

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