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Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor, NAE-32P

  • Throughput:1-32
  • Process Volume: 20-1000 μL
  • Consumable: 96 deep well Plate+Magnetic rod stip
  • Collection Efficiency: ≥98%
  • door opening protection, UV disinfection

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Selling Point

  • Using high-precision screw
  • Adopt stepping motor brakeway scheme
  • Simple and generous appearance
  • Use UV light for disinfection


This product is an automated instrument that can provide safe and efficient nucleic acid extraction and purification for biological laboratories and clinical medicine departments. This product can extract nucleic acids from various samples such as animal and plant tissues, viruses, fungi,bacteria,plasmids,whole blood or cultured cells. It is equipped with multiple safety functions such as door opening protection, UV disinfection, and UV protection from the observation window to ensure the experimental results are safer and more reliable.



  • Using high-precision screw to realize the transmission structure, the extraction efficiency is fast,and the nucleic acid yield is high;
  • Adopt stepping motor brakeway scheme to ensure motion accuracy andoperation safety;
  • Simple and generous appearance,bright and spacious observationwindow, working conditions are clearly visible;
  • Use UV light for disinfection to reduce cross-infection and aerosolcontamination of samples;
  • Android operating system,matching 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen,simple and smooth operation;
  • Real-time display of program progress and remaining time;
  • Scalable Ethernet remote control;
  • Automatic power-off protection, prompts to continue unfinished program operation afterpower is restored, to ensure safe operation of the entire extraction/purification process;
  • Equipped with door opening protection function to prevent misoperation;
  • Support U disk import/export program, can connect keyboard and mouse;
  • Fast extraction 10-50 minutes/time (depending on different reagents).


Model NAE-32P
Throughput 1-32
Process Volume 20-1000 μL
Consumable 96 deep well Plate+Magnetic rod stip
Collection Efficiency ≥98%
Stability CV≤3%
Operation Temp. Range 10℃-40℃
Humidity Range 10%—90%
Heating Temp.Range Normal temp.+5℃~125℃
Oscillatory mixed mode Adjustable
Pollution control  UV light
Lighting Yes
Safety protection Auto data protection
Reagent type Magnetic bead reagent
Display 10.1 touch screen,Android operation system
Communication LAN,USB,Wi-Fi
Dimension(L*W*H) 430×390×505
Weight 30Kg
Electricity AC100~240V 50Hz/60Hz 450W


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