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Chemical Storage Cabinet, SSC-W Series

  1. Acid And Alkali Storage Cabinet
  2. The double-lock structure
  3. Marked corrosive warning
  4. Anti-corrosive performance

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1, Cabinet door: Apply 15mm PP(polypropylene) material.
2, PP laminate, Separate extraction, Easy to clean
3, Bridge doorknob: PP(polypropylene) material with anti-corrosive performance

4, In order to provide safety, the double-lock structure can enhance the safety factor.
5, Cabinet body apply for 8mm PP(polypropylene) plate with Seamless welding, beautiful appearance, with more than 10 years of service life.
6, Warning labels Doorknob is marked with a marked corrosive warning.
7, Hing: apply injection molding PP material with good anti-corrosive performance. 
8, Apply PP(polypropylene) material, Longer service life, Quality guaranteed.


Model Parameter Configure
SSC-4W Dimension(H*W*D)(mm): Single door ,double-lock
Specification: 4 gallon
Standard laminate: 1
SSC-12W Dimension(H*W*D)(mm): Single door ,double-lock

Specification: 12 gallon

Standard laminate:1
SSC-28W Dimension(H*W*D)(mm): Double door,double-lock
Specification: 28 gallon
Standard laminate: 1
SSC-30W Dimension(H*W*D)(mm): Double door,double-lock
Specification: 30 gallon
Standard laminate: 1
SSC-45W Dimension(H*W*D)(mm): Double door,double-lock
Specification: 45 gallon
Standard laminate:2
SSC-60W Dimension(H*W*D)(mm): Double door,double-lock

Specification: 60 gallon

Standard laminate:2

SSC-90W Dimension(H*W*D)(mm): Double door,double-lock
Specification: 90 gallon

Standard laminate:2


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