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Colony Counter, CM-M Series

  • Active display window character height: 13mm
  • Counter capacity: 0 ~’s 9999 (note * )

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Colony Counter

The colony counter is the automatic bacteria inspection instrument of one kind of digital display type. It is composed by counter, probe, and count pond, etc. It is designed by CMOS integrated circuit and LED’s digital shows. The character is 13mm high and very distinct and bright. The special probe counts sensitively and accurately. The comparison between bacterium illuminated by fluorescent lamp shows clearly and also is easy to be observed in black count pond. This instrument can lighten the labor intensity and make the work with great efficiency and is extensively used in the foodstuff, drink, drug, biological product, cosmetics, hygienic articles, drinking water, life foul water, industrial wastewater, and clinical specimen inspection of bacteria number. It is also the necessity of this unit below: grand epidemic prevention stations at all levels and the hygienic control inspection of the environmental monitoring station, foodstuff the place, hospital, biological product institution, and the medicine inspection station, the business bureau, food products factory, drink factory, cosmetics factory, junior college, and the scientific research unit laboratory.

Use method
Put the culture dish on the white-light board, then open the fluorescent lamp, using probe by touching the dish to count. The number will display in an LED screen;
Write the displayed number on the paper and turn off the electrical source quickly,
seeing the number return to zero from the LED screen. Comparing the second count with the first one, the same numbers can prove to be an accurate result.
( note ) According to the bacteria count inspection procedure, when the bacteria growth number is more than 300 in the culture dish, the sample should be diluted to count again, so this instrument is a ternary scale


Model CM-M1
Petri dish diameter standard 90mm and 55mm
Detection mode automatic combined with manual
Typical counting time 3-6 seconds (spiral inoculation Petri dish)
Counting quantity more than 400 plates per hour
Detection limit 0.2-255mm, +0.1mm
Colony resolution <0.2mm
Light source LED
Illumination mode top projection light, bottom reflection light source
Data Interface USB2.0/232
Model CM-M2 CM-M2E
Counter capacity 0 ~’s 9999 (note * )
Active display window character height 13mm
Light source lamp efficiency 16W
Total power less than 20W
Power supply voltage 220V 50Hz/60HZ
Volume 255 * 180 * 110
Weight 1.7kg
Features / /
The magnification of magnifier connected with flectional arm are variable /

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