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Colony Counter, CC-J2S

  • LED display cumulative number
  • Reset button for zero and recount
  • LED long-life lamp, low heat and no wearing parts
  • Unique upper light source compensation lighting
  • Intuitive counting with tactile pressure beeps

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CC-J2S is a high-tech colony counter, known for its user-friendly functions and excellent ergonomics. It can accurately count all the culture media (culture dishes, filters) used in microbiology.


  • The touch sensitivity of the pressure sensor can be adjusted to adapt to different culture vessels and user habits.
  • With the function of manually increasing or decreasing the counting button, the repeated counting or missing counting can be corrected during operation.
  • The internal LED lighting system is glare-free and the luminosity is adjustable, which makes the colony form a sharp contrast view to adapt to the difficult-to-observe microorganisms in the culture container.
  • The grid size is moderate, which is convenient for accurate counting by blocks.
  • The large frameless magnifier (which can achieve magnification of 3 times or 9 times of observation and counting) and the unique upper light source compensation illumination make the microbial appear completely and the counting operation to be much easier.
  • Thoughtful design of the rightness and sensitivity adjustment knob for easy operation.
  • It can be increased or decreased manually.


Model CC-J2S
Lighting White LED array
Digital display 3-digit LED display
Counting range 0-999
Counting method Pressure sensitive
Applicable petri dish Φ50 Φ55 Φ60 Φ70 Φ90
Electricity AC 100-240V (50/60Hz),20W
Magnification 3 times / 9 times
Protection class IP21
Relative humidity 80%
Ambient temperature 5-50°C
Dimensions 255*210*160mm
Loupe size Φ90mm / Φ20mm
Net weight 2.8Kg


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