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Digital ABBE Refractometer, RFT-A3S

  • Temperature Range (Min. 0.1℃): -2~120℃
  • Display: Color touch screen

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  1. The prism is made of hard glass, which is corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant. Very few samples are required for measurement, which can meet the measurement of precious samples.
  2. The wavelength of the instrument is 589nm, and the dedicated optical path structure ensures that the instrument improves measurement accuracy, and has the advantages of easy operation and fast aiming.
  3. The original imported LED light source can ensure the long-term accuracy of the instrument, no temperature rise, small size, low power consumption, high brightness, and ultra-long life.
  4. It meets the relevant requirements of national standards GB/T12143-2008, GB/T18963-2012, GB/T21730-2008, etc.


Parameters/Model RFT-A3S RFT-A2S
Measurement range Refractive index nD: 1.30000-1.72000
Brix: 0~100%
Refractive index nD: 1.3000-1.7000
Brix: 0~100%
Measuring resolution Refractive index nD: 0.00001
Brix: 0.01%
Refractive index nD: 0.0001
Brix: 0.1%
Accuracy Refractive index nD: ±0.0002
Brix: ±0.1%
Temperature Range -20~120℃ 0~50℃
Display Color touch screen LCD
Interface RS232/USB RS232
Printer Dot matrix printer CK NT-T24S (optional) ——
N.W.(kg) 10
Instrument Dimension (W*D*H)(mm) 290*180*390


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