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Disc Polarimeter, Manual, POL-DISC4

  • Range: ±180°
  • Scale Value: 1°
  • Vernier: 0.05°
  • Visual aim
  • Manual measure
  • Easy to operate

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Easy-to-use manual polarimeter, measuring range from -180 to +180 degrees.The instrument is suitable for measuring the optical rotation of the optically active substances, accuracy: 0.05 degrees.

Operating Features

  1. The instrument is equipped with a standard sodium lamp. When the power is turned on, the light source of the sodium lamp is projected to the condenser and polarizer, and then divided into ordinary light and extraordinary light. Through the eyepiece, you can see a bright display that is dark on one side and bright on the other;
  2. Put the test tube containing the optically active compound solution into the sample chamber and slowly turn the instrument handwheel to find the light consistent with the zero point, and then read the reading on the dial with the magnifying glass, which is the optical rotation value of the sample;
  3. After the measurement, you can calculate the purity, concentration, content and specific rotation of the substance through the optical rotation value.

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Ordering Information

POL-DISC4: Polarimeter, glass sample tubes (100/200mm) and sealing rings.


Range ±180°
Scale Value
Vernier 0.05°
Magnifier 3x
Light Source Sodium lamp
Optical Wavelength 589nm
Sample Tube Length Up to 200mm
Rated Power AC 220V/50Hz
Dimensions 500(L)× 135 (W)×330(H)mm
Weight 5kg


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