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Dry Immunofluorescence Analyzer, IFA-J1000D

  • Detection Time:13~18min
  • Speed:180 Test/h (take PCT as an example)
  • 7-inch LCD touch screen
  • Internal quality control calibration

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Dry Immunofluorescence Analyzer is used for in vitro quantitative detection of various indicators in human serum, plasma, whole blood, and urine.It is mainly used to detect the contents of PCT, hs-cTnI, NT-proBNP, H-FABP, CK-MB, MYO, D-Dimer, NGAL, etc., and the results are used for clinical auxiliary diagnosis.


  • Single channel POCT detection platform.
  • High sensitivity and stability, CV
  • Easy operation, automatic discarding
  • Easy to connect the hospital LIS and HIS system.
  • ED,ICU,NICU,Outpatient service and Clinical Departments


Model IFA-J1000D
Detection Time 13~18min
Quality Control Lyophilized controls with high, medium and low concentration levels
Display 7-inch LCD touch screen
Speed 180 Test/h (take PCT as an example)
Quality Control Internal quality control calibration
Storage More than 30,000
Printing Built-in thermal printer, can be connected to an external printer
Data Transmission USB, RS232, LIS
Electricity AC 220V 50/60Hz
External Dimension 291*220*162mm
N.W./G.W. 3.44/4.04kg
Shipping Dimension 295*240*390mm

Measurement items

Biomarkers Measurable Range Sample Volume  Clinical Use
Peripheral PCT 0.01-100ng/mL Peripheral blood 20ul Diagnosis of infectious diseases and sepsis
PCT 0.01~100ng/mL Serum / plasma 100μL

Whole blood 120μL

Diagnosis of infectious diseases and sepsis
IL-6 2pg~4000pg/mL Early markers of acute inflammation
CRP 0.1~200mg/L Auxiliary diagnosis of inflammation
PCT/IL-6 0.01~100ng/mL


Diagnosis of infectious diseases and sepsis
hs-cTnI 0.005~50ng/mL Serum/plasma 100μL

Whole blood 120μL

Gold standard for ACS and AMI diagnosis
NT-proBNP 5pg~35000pg/mL Diagnosis of heart failure
CK-MB/hs-cTnI/MYO 0.1~100ng/mL



Comprehensive solution to myocardial injury
H-FABP 1~200ng/mL Early diagnosis of  myocardial injury
D-Dimer 0.01~10mg/L Plasma 100μL,

Whole blood 120μL

Diagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis(DVT) and Pulmonary Embol(PE)
NGAL 1~5000ng/mL Serum/ plasma 20μL

Whole blood  30μL

Urine 20μL

Diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and acute renal failure (ARF)


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