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Fluorometer, FLUOM-5B

  1. 7.0-inch color touch screen
  2. 3 seconds Fast detection
  3. Configure two fluorescence channels
  4. Ultra-low concentration samples (10pg/μL dsDNA).

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The FLUOM-5B benchtop fluorometer is easy to operate, combined with a highly sensitive quantitative analysis kit, to accurately quantify DNA, RNA and protein concentrations. And it is equipped with two channels and has the ability to quickly analyze two fluorescent signals of one sample, which is economical!

The combination of the SP-MUV1000 Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer and the FLUOM-5B Fluorometer provides comprehensive, accurate, easy and fast quantification of biomolecules.

Product features

  • Simple and intuitive – 7.0 inch color touch screen.
  • Fast detection – fast and accurate quantification of DNA, RNA and protein in 3 seconds.
  • High sensitivity – the lowest detection limit can reach 0.5pg/μL double-stranded DNA.
  • Configure two fluorescence channels: Measure two different fluorescence in one analysis.
  • Five orders of magnitude response range.
  • Open system, which can match common reagents on the market.
  • More than 100,000 sample results can be stored, and can be exported through U disk.
  • Micro adapter: 0.5ml quantitative PCR centrifuge tube adapter (standard configuration); 0.2ml quantitative PCR centrifuge tube adapter (optional).

Fluorometers are especially suitable for:

  1. Your samples are rare and difficult to process
  2. Based on fluorescence detection technology, it is three orders of magnitude higher than traditional UV spectrophotometry.
  3. The sample will be used for expensive downstream experiments: qPCR, PCR cloning, transfection and next-generation sequencing and other precision assays
  4. Ultra-low concentration samples (10pg/μL dsDNA).






Performance index

light source LED
Dynamic range 5 orders of magnitude
Repeatability <1.5%
stability <1.5%
Linearity R2>0.995
Sensitivity dsDNA:0.5ng/ml
Measuring speed <3s(Master single test)
Packaging Size 440*270*160mm
Net/ Gross Weight 2/ 2.5 kg

Standard configuration: channel

Channel Excitation wavelength Emission wavelength
Blue 470nm 525nm
RED 625nm 690nm

Optional channel

Channel Excitation wavelength Emission wavelength
UV 365nm 460nm
GREEN 525nm 620nm

Commonly used fluorescent reagents corresponding to different fluorescent channels and their applications

Excitation wavelength Common fluorescent reagents Application
365 Hoechst33258, 4-MU,EnZCheK Caspase Plant GUS reporter gene assay, cell apoptosis assay
470 PicoGreen®, oligreen,RiboGreen®, GFP, Protein, Quant-iT™ dsDNA, ssDNA quantification, green fluorescent protein GFP, protein quantification
525 Rhodamine, Cy3, RFP Vybrant Cytotoxicity Rhodamine detection, Cy-3 fluorescent label detection, red fluorescent protein RFP gene detection, cell activity toxicity detection
625 Cy5, Quant-iT RNA Cy-5 fluorescent labeling detection, RNA quantification


Fluorometer-binding quantitative kits use fluorescent dyes to selectively bind to specific target molecules.These fluorescent dyes emit fluorescent signals only when the target molecule is bound.Therefore, it is more accurate than the traditional UV absorption method (SP-MUV1000), because the UV absorption method is not selective and measures the absorption value of all substances at 260 – such as DNA, RNA, protein, degrade nucleic acids and free nucleotides or excess salt ions, etc.In addition, the UV spectrophotometer  is not sensitive enough to accurately quantify DNA and RNA at low concentrations (below 2ng/μL), so a highly sensitive fluorometer becomes a better choice. Combined with the corresponding quantitative kit, the FLUOM-5B Fluorometer can quickly, sensitively and accurately determine the concentration of DNA.


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