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Grain Moisture Meter, BMCA-1G

  1. Measurement Range: 3%~35%
  2. Measurement Time: ≤10s
  3. Sample Cell: 100mL-150mL

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It is used to measure the moisture content and bulk density of non-metallic granular materials such as grains, wheat, rapeseed, soybeans, vegetable seeds, corn, feed, etc.

1. Functions: Bulk density conversion display, sample weight display, temperature display, calculation of average moisture value.
2. Four-point calibration(20 common varieties have been pre-calibrated and can be directly measured).
3. Working power AC and DC dual-purpose.
4. The instrument will automatically shut down if not used for 3 minutes.


Model BMCA-1G
Measuring Object Grain and other nonmetal particle samples such as paddy, wheat, corn, bean, rapeseed vegetable seeds,etc.
Measurement Error ≤±0.5% (main moisture range)
Repetitive Error ≤0.2%
Measurement Range 3%~35%
Measurement Time ≤10s
Sample Cell 100mL-150mL
Display High-brightness backlit LCD
Ambient Temperature Range 0~40℃
Power Four alkaline battery (5#1.5V) or external 9V DC power adapter
N.W./G.W. 0.83kg/3.5kg
Shipping Dimension 330*420*220mm
Variety Name Variety Code Variety Name Variety Code
Japonica paddy P1 Peanut P11
Bean P2 Sorghum P12
Wheat P3 Semen sesami nigrum P13
Rapeseed P4 Sunflower seed P14
Corn P5 Watermelon seed P15
Barley P6 Radish seed P16

Non-glutinous Paddy

P7 Bean residue P17
Rice P8 Cotton residue P18
Big corn P9 Rapeseed residue P19
Maize P10 Granule feedstuff P20


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