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Graphite Digester, GRD-54, GRD-36

  • Number Of Sample Holes: 36/54 holes
  • Designed Temperature: 350℃
  • Aperture: Φ32*50mm
  • Heating Module Material: high density   graphite

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Graphite Digester


1.The heater is designed separately from the control system to prevent corrosion of electrical components.

2.Sample soaking → digestion → acid driving is completed with one button, which is convenient, fast and has large sample processing capacity

3.Graphite heating module is made of high-density graphite, which has the features of uniform temperature distribution, high temperature resistance and low temperature buffer.

4.With widely range of applications, the temperature and heating rate of furnace hole can be adjusted continuously. With excellent corrosion resistance, the shell is made of 316 stainless steel with teflon coating.

5.The intelligent temperature control system adopts 5-inch color touch screen, and the information display is detailed, easy to understand and operate

6.The input method of recipe program is tabular fast input method with clear logic, fast speed and not easy to go wrong.

7.0-40 sections of program can be arbitrarily selected and set.

8.Dual-mode of single point heating and curve heating that can be arbitrarily selected.

9.Intelligent P, I, D self-adjustment with high precision, reliability and stability.

10.The electrical control system uses solid state relay (regulating module) for mute and strong anti-interference capability.

11.Segmented power supply and restart function to avoid power failure preventing potential risks


Model name GRD-36 GRD-54
Number of sample holes 36 holes 54 holes
Aperture Φ32*50mm
Heating module material high density   graphite
Digestion tube high borosilicate glass
Designed temperature 350℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Heating rate ≈8–15℃/min
Operating system 5.5-inch color touch screen
Control mode 1-40 stage temperature program/single point heating dual mode
Recipe management 9
Shutdown time 1 – 999
Working voltage AC220V/50Hz
Heating power 3Kw 4Kw


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