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Handheld Ultrasonic Processor/Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor, USCG-P Series

  1. Nominal Frequency:30KHz
  2. The working voltage provides DC voltage and AC voltage
  3. Automatic frequency tracking, automatic amplitude compensation, stable load
  4. High electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, over-temperature protection

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Handheld Ultrasonic Processor/Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor Mainly used in composite material preparation (nano-material dispersion), life sciences
(cell-breaking extraction and crushing), pharmacy (Chinese herbal medicine and plant extraction), environmental science (extraction of soil organic matter), sewage treatment (degradation of COD), homogenization Mixing (accelerated dissolution, chemical reaction synthesis, oil-water emulsification), etc.

1. The handheld ultrasonic processor is a portable ultrasonic instrument developed based on a simple and reliable design concept;
Integrated design of probe and host, with small size, large processing capacity, and compact structure, it mainly includes an adjustable switching power supply (power adapter 12-24V/DC and 2.85-260V/AC) and ultrasonic vibration system. Composed of a power amplifier, ultrasonic transducer, and horn, the integrated design of the ultrasonic vibration system has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and portability;
3. The horn is made of titanium alloy material, which has the characteristics of high strength, high speed of sound, good corrosion resistance, and high heat resistance, thereby extending the service life of the instrument;
4. The circuit of the product is made with chip technology, automatic frequency tracking, automatic amplitude compensation, stable load, high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, over-temperature protection, etc.;
5. The ultrasound can be controlled manually, or the ultrasound can be fixed on the shelf, which is especially suitable for small sample processing (such as EP tubes, microcentrifuge tubes and other containers);
6. The working voltage provides DC voltage and AC voltage, and also comes with onboard working cable, which is convenient for users to use outdoors.


Model Nominal frequency Nominal power Applicable capacity Standard horn Optional
USCG-P150 30KHz 150W 0.1~100ml Φ3 Φ2(0.1~0.5mL)
USCG-P200 30KHz 200W 0.5~200ml Φ6 Φ3(0.1~30mL)
USCG-P300 30KHz 300W 0.1~300ml Φ8 Φ1.5,Φ2,Φ3 Φ6


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