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Hydrogen gas generator, H2G-300/500

  • Output flow: 0-300 ml/min, 0-500 ml/min
  • Output pressure: 0.3Mpa (It can becustomizable)
  • Hydrogen purity: 99. 999% -99. 9999%

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Product characteristics

  1. High hydrogen purity, stable flow, safe and convenient use.
  2. The operation is simple, safe and reliable, and gas can be produced by starting the power supply. (It can be used for multiple gas phases)
  3. High electrolytic efficiency, long-term use, no attenuation of purity and flow.
  4. High reliability, simple daily use and maintenance
  5. It can meet various GC requirements at home and abroad

Product application

1.GC (gas phase) gas and carrier gas.

2.Reagent gas of ELCD (Conductivity Detector).

3.Reagent gas of ED (Atomic Emission Spectroscopy Detector) reagent gas.


Model H2G-300 H2G-500
Output flow:ml/min 0-300 0-500
Output pressure:(MPa) 0. 3Mpa (It can be customizable.)
Hydrogen purity:(%) 99. 999-99. 9999
Input power:(W) <150 <300
Power supply voltage(V) 220V / 50Hz
External Dimensions(W*D*H)(mm) 310x200x370
Package Dimension (W*D*H)(mm) 430*310*480
Weight:(kg) 11.2

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